Home Sick

Julia woke up worse this morning... all the screaming, again, I just couldn't take her to daycare so back to the doctor we went. Her ear is still infected, but she's still got the abx in her system, so there's nothing more to do. It's ok. I was just worried that maybe her eardrum had burst or something she was so upset.

I am also home sick. Just a cold, I think. No fever, just body aches, chest aches, cough, swollen lymph nodes in the neck. It'll do us both some good to stay home and sleep.

Posted by Trista @ 9:17 AM

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Virtual Chicken soup being sent over, Pronto!

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 10:35 AM #

More people should use the word "Pronto"...

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:59 AM #

Sorry you're feeling puny. I hope both you sickies start feeling better pronto!

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 12:15 PM #

Healing vibes headed your way.

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 1:25 PM #

hope you both feel better soon. but can I just say I LOVE the icon of you in your footy pj's??

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 9:03 AM #
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