Baby Eat California Roll

Tomorrow is Kristin's 30th Birthday. So last night we had dinner at a local Japanese restaurant with my family. I reserved a room and we all sat on the floor around a sunken table. While we were deliberating and chatting, Julia crawled around the room and charmed everyone. Then, when the food started coming, we strapped her into her booster seat (we brought it from home specifically for those straps) and gave her food.

Our server was an older Japanese woman with a thick accent. She was completely won over by Julia.

About the middle of the meal, she brought Kristin another California roll, and she was still in the room when Kristin picked up a piece of that roll and handed it to Julia.

"Baby eat sushi?"
"She loves sushi. LOVES. IT"
"No, really? She really eats it?"
"Yeah, she really eats it. All of it."
Just then Julia picked up the roll and shoved it in her mouth.
The woman left, shaking her head. She shut the rice-paper door behind her.

"Baby eat california roll!" we heard her say to several people outside our room.

Huh. And here we've been justifying our feeding Julia sushi and sashimi by saying, "Well, what do people in Japan feed their toddlers, then, huh?" That usually shuts the wannabe-toddler-food-expert up.

But maybe they don't. Heck, for all I know, people in Japan feed their toddlers boxed macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets and yogurt like everyone in Middle America seems to do. I mean, the woman seemed a bit taken aback by the sight of a toddler shoving sushi in her mouth while going, "mmmmmmmmm".

What can we say, though? The girl loves herself some sushi. I wonder how long she'll be this adventurous in her eating habits?

Posted by Trista @ 2:18 PM

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Of COURSE Julia eats sushi! Not only is she cute but she is Posh. ( I can already hear her in college saying, "Oh I've eated sushi since I was 1 years old!")

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 2:57 PM #

If everything goes as planned, Malka will be a sushi loving fool, since we get it at LEAST once a week at our house.

One of my best friend's kids ate sushi early on. It's a good thing. Sadly, he now only eats gnocci and tomato sauce. and.thats.it....

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 4:52 PM #

I'm loving it!

Had a friend years ago who lamented that the public school cafeteria ruined her child's whole foods diet. Said child took hummus to the cafeteria; classmates told her it looked like something found in a baby's diaper, and that was the end of that.

Keep it up as long as you can!

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 6:52 PM #

I'm wondering if maybe toddlers in Japan DO eat Sushi but that woman had been in the US long enough to see the crap that American children eat and that was the source of her surprise...maybe she was happy to have finally found a child who ate sushi! hmmm...

Posted by Anonymous Rebecca (puppymom) @ 10:39 AM #

My son loves sushi and Indian food and some spicy food. YOu have to keep it up though. They go through picky phases and it's hard not to get pulled into macaroni and cheese long term. Also I wonder if she was more surprised that the baby of white chicks eats sushi!!

Very funny post.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 10:02 AM #
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