No More Denial...

She's officially a toddler!

taken with my new camera that only cost me $20!!!

Sometimes it pays to complain when a company treats you like crap...

Posted by Trista @ 9:03 PM

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Just fabulous!

And let the wild rumpus begin!

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 5:20 AM #

Awesome! What fun to see her in motion. :-)

Posted by Anonymous Anne @ 8:22 AM #

oh, you guys are doomed!

she's totally adorable, though. and that grin!

Posted by Blogger betsyl @ 10:16 AM #


I teared up watching that. She is so cute and loved. Yay for Julia!!!

She is getting so Big.

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 10:26 AM #

Woohoo Julia!!!!

That's awesome, now you two would have more work around home hehehehe.

She's so cute!!!!!

Hugs, Kisses and Love for all of you, sorry I've been so quiet....

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 10:51 AM #

omg, that giggle!!!
she is beautiful, and definitely a great little toddler!!! they are so cute when they get so pleased with themselves...

been reading your blog for awhile, dont know if i have ever commented before.

so HI!
i'm ladybug

Posted by Blogger ladybug @ 6:36 PM #

Oh yea! Good job! What a cute video you guys. Go Julia!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:54 PM #


Posted by Blogger whatthef*ck @ 8:29 PM #

Oh, man, you're in for it now!!!! She is darling--what a devilishly mischievous grin she has.

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 8:38 PM #

That was thee most adorable thing I have seen in a long time!!! She is so beautiful!

Good luck and may the Force be with you!

Posted by Blogger Lizzardbits @ 6:33 AM #
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