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ok, my fine friends...

If you look at the pictures of Julia below, and on flickr, you can see that even though it's been over 2 weeks, that damn black eye is STILL visible. And there seems to be a little dent in her cheek from it.

Is this normal? Will it eventually go away? Or is she scarred for life?

I'm a little worried because when I fell on my ass a year ago, after the bruise faded (about a month, but it was a BAD bruise, the size of a platter and hard for weeks) there was a permanent crease in my buttock. It's still there. I just figured that the fat cells there were killed or parted (like the red sea only less helpful). But there's a lot more fat on my ass to be parted than on Julia's cheek.

Any of you know how long it takes for a black eye to completely go away?

Posted by Trista @ 2:22 PM

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I am like you- in that if I bruise badly enough I will ALWAYS be a bit of that bruise hanging around (I still have a green tint to a bit of my leg after a freak disco dancing moment 4 years ago...)

Have you tried arnica gel? That is what I use as soon as I can tell a bruise is starting and it really helps.

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 6:12 PM #

Arnica is a good idea...

I always tell my patients that a bruise will clear up in an average of 6 weeks (probably less for a child). Many people clear up sooner...there shouldn't be a bump or a divot on her face (which is common on butts, actually--who knew?)

I have "scars" (dark marks) from bruises i got as a kid...but never on my face (and i'm sure i had my share of black eyes). I think she'll be just fine...and even if YOU can tell, no one else will be able to and she'll be just as beautiful as ever!

Posted by Anonymous Rebecca (puppymom) @ 9:08 AM #
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