For Cali, snow pics

View 1 of our backyard
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.
Last night the snow fairy came and dusted our dusty valley. Lots and lots of famous lake-effect powder. Too bad I hate all snow-sports. Still, it is pretty. And it reminds me of my childhood, when it would snow in the winter and the snow would stick around ALL winter -- not just melt within 24 hours. To everyone who says that global warming is a myth, I say Bollocks. This used to be the rule here, rather than the exception.

View 2 of our backyard
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.

My car under too much snow
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.

Posted by Trista @ 11:14 AM

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So THAT'S what snow looks like. It's about 70 degrees and sunny here... it was 80 last week. I don't know whether I should rub it in your face that it's warm enough for a picnic on the beach or be jealous that you live in a place with real seasons.

Posted by Anonymous Molly @ 11:22 AM #

I looked at those flickr photos-- we were bad this year too and also left our patio furniture out. It looks very pretty though.

Posted by Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) @ 11:47 AM #

you KNOW these pics made me oh so happy!
it is effing 70 degrees in 'bama today. WTF?!
Where is my WINTER???

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 2:13 PM #

Wow--it is 75 degrees here today!!

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 3:01 PM #

All right you people with your balmy weather. You are SO NOT HELPING!!!

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 3:14 PM #

So beautiful pics!!! I love snow, I haven't seen it very much just 3 times in my life, because in my part of the world never snows.

Thanx for sharing such beautiful sights!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 7:43 PM #

I feel your pain Trista. I live in Ontario Canada. I also agree that the weather has changed so much. I remember how we used to have snow from November to March, now it only lasts for a few days. We're not benefitting from global warming though because now we're getting lots of -30 degree days and I don't remember it being this cold before.

Posted by Blogger Jennifer @ 7:39 AM #
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