Lauri has left the building

Lauri and Julia
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We had a wonderful visit. Though it's funny to see that Julia is starting to develop some stranger anxiety. It took her a couple of hours to really warm up to Lauri and even then there were a few times over the weekend when Julia would just look at Lauri as if she were thinking, "Who the hell ARE you?" I guess now that I think about it, Julia hasn't gotten to meet anyone new for quite a while. We should try to get out more.

It was good to have Lauri around. I have missed her! We didn't do much, just sat around talking, she kept me company as I began the huge put-all-of-our-pictures-into-photo-albums project. She even helped a little by making some label-cards for one of the albums. And Saturday night we went over to some other friends' house for homemade Thai food and hours of conversation.

The only thing that marred the weekend was my old friend, anxiety, paying a visit last night. We were over at N's (you know, N of They Who Have Chosen To Abandon Us)house for one final L Word party and it was sad enough to be in her house all empty and packed away (she's leaving town Saturday morning, and spend this weekend packing up the POD for transport) but while we were watching the show, during the part where Lara can't get any information about Dana's condition conversation turned to two more scary bills in the Utah legislature -- scary bills that I hadn't heard of yet. After I research them I may post on them, but suffice it to say that hearing about those bills drained away what little joy there was in the evening. Sometimes I wish I weren't such a worry-wart and could just be in the moment. For example, be there and be enjoying N's company before she leaves. I wish we were moving too, and yet I don't because it will tear me apart to leave my family behind. I just need to start my commune and kidnap everyone I care about and make them live in it with me. Yes, even you. Eventually you would love it there, I'm sure.

PS -- for those of you who know about my Frog Blog, I've changed my strategy to make it easier to keep it up to date -- shorter entries more pictures. Just so you know. If you don't know about the Frog Blog, and would like to, email me and I'll give you the URL if I don't think you're creepy.

Posted by Trista @ 8:47 AM

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Oh, Trista, I live in a (relatively) reasonable state of the union, but I still want to live in your commune. Do you think there is some land, somewhere on the planet, that someone hasn't claimed, and we could go there, and they would LEAVE US ALONE?
Maybe Canada would give up the Yukon?

Posted by Blogger Lo @ 9:00 AM #

I was thinking of doing what the polygamists do here: claim an empty stretch of desert, put up some chickenwire and corrugated tin fencing, and buy some shotguns. With the combined tech-savvy of the people I'm planning on kidnapping, I figure we can live on sunlight, wind, and shit while growing hydroponic veggies and milking goats for milk, cheese, and soap. Doesn't it sound lovely?

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 10:15 AM #

Julia is adorable.
What is your frog blog. Am I creepy??
Is it creepy to ask? Ha ha.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 11:54 AM #

I'll be one of the teachers. and i can bring someone who knows how to operate a paintball weapon....

Posted by Blogger Lo @ 7:33 PM #
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