babies and (luna) bars

1) Oh my goodness, babies happen! Both Liza and Emilin have given birth. Go check them out (if you haven't already, that is).

2) I have it on good authority that Lauri has entered the state. In fact, I believe that she has entered Kristin's car. YAY. Only 18 more minutes until I get to leave here and speed home.

3) Last week, Friday afternoon I believe, Kristin did the grocery shopping. She bought 2 Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bars (yummy), one for each of us. Then, I spent all weekend working on a major grant application for the National Endowment for the Humanities (please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for this it is an AWESOME project and deserves to be funded). In the late-night, techno-stressed (it was an on-line application with lots of different passwords and programs and such), buzzed, OCD haze, I remembered eating Luna Bar Yumminess in the wee hours of the night.

Last night, Kristin had just a few minutes after returning from work before heading off to a meeting. She looked in the basket for her Luna bar, and couldn't find it. Turning to me incredulously she asked, "Did YOU eat my Luna bar???" Honestly, the taste of Luna bar flooded my mouth. I could remember eating ONE late at night, but I couldn't remember eating TWO. But I did stay up late for 2 nights straight, what if I had eaten one EACH night? Who else could have eaten it? Certainly not Kristin, she was genuinely surprised that she couldn't find it. If the dogs had gotten it we would have found the evidence immediately after consumption. We hadn't had any pantry-raiding guests, and Julia doesn't like Luna bars. So... I confessed to eating the bar. I told her I was very sorry that I had eaten it and I would go right out and get her another. I felt like crying. She laughed and said that she was disappointed, but she guessed she didn't need a Luna bar after all. She took some dried apricots and left.

She called me about 20 minutes ago. "Guess what?" She asked. "What?" I replied. "I just looked through my purse and guess what I found?" "What?" I asked again. "My Luna Bar."

I guess I shouldn't confess to things I don't remember doing.

Posted by Trista @ 3:39 PM

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That story was actually very sweet (the one with the Luna Bar) I love that you confessed and offered to go right out and get a new one. That is true love.

Posted by Blogger Cristin @ 7:10 PM #

Hey - A in Portland. You know the one that abandoned you for greener pastures, sidewalks, trees…well just about every crack or northern exposure here has something green growing. Funny thing happened tonight. I was trying to get caught up on the L Word and downloaded several from various web sites. After watching them all, I though that I would go to sho.com to see if I had caught up. Guess what…I actually got more of them than have aired on Showtime. Loved the Luna bar story. And don’t worry, I will be paying enough taxes for you, Kristen, Julia and several other people this year. Glad you’re not paying them. All it’s funding is destruction right now. Did you get the grant program to work okay? Miss you guys…so when are you moving to Portland??

Posted by Anonymous A Nut @ 2:19 AM #

I'm missing a few weeks pay checks.... did you have anything to do with that?

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 9:23 AM #
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