built in bookcase and the Shrine O' Julia

built in bookcase and the Shrine O' Julia
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This is the other bookcase that is upstairs in the livingroom (you can see the side of the big one off to the left there behind the lamp post. This bookcase holds books on history, anthropology, religious theory, political theory, travel guides, cookbooks (that whole lower right section is CRAMMED with cookbooks), and, of course, our NG's.

When we looked at this house, this bookcase held a set of encyclopedias from 1944. We tried to get them to let us keep them, but no go. The bookcase was exactly the right size for the encyclopedia set and a set of dictionaries, so I think the case was built specifically to hold them.

The shrine, oh the shrine. It's not really going to stay that way, it's just that we framed all the pictures and then ran out of steam to distribute them. I know, it looks a bit weird...

I have 2 other very large bookcases in the basement that hold my literary theory, poetry, dictionaries, queer theory, sci-fi, Dungeons & Dragons manuels (some from the early 80's!) and Elizabeth Peters books. But those cases are a mess, and I thought posting pics of 4 cases was a bit much.

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It is ok to have a giant shrine of your child. No one thinks you are crazy, really ;)

I love your custom designed bookcase. Very cool. Are you good cooks? Looks like.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 12:45 PM #

I wish to say that as a new reader, I find Julia gorgeous enough to deserve a shrine.

Posted by Blogger Lo @ 12:15 AM #
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