Read it and weep

This morning from the Deseret News:

A bill to nullify agreements that are unlawful or violate public policy passed out of the House Tuesday in a 53-18 vote.
HB304 now moves to the Senate, after Reps. Sheryl Allen, R-Bountiful, and Lorie Fowlke, R-Orem, were the only two Republicans who joined Democrats in voting against it.
The bill states, "an arrangement, agreement, or transaction that is unlawful or violates public policy is void and unenforceable."
The bill's sponsor, Rep. LaVar Christensen, R-Draper, said it is simply codifying what has been "a fundamental principal of law that's been upheld in case decisions for over 100 years."
However, some some lawmakers questioned whether the language — which some gay rights activists consider unconstitutionally vague — was as simple as Christensen suggested.
Rep. Ross Romero, D-Salt Lake, asked Christensen whether the bill would impact gay and lesbian couples' ability to enter into legal contracts.
"No," Christensen answered, saying it wouldn't impact contracts such as joint tenancy or power of attorney. He said it would prevent court cases over agreements that go against public policy or are unlawful, such as failed drug deals or gambling debts.
Another example he gave was a visitation case involving a former lesbian couple pending before the Utah Supreme Court. Christensen said in that case the couple had used private agreements to "create a de facto marriage, a de facto adoption, and a de facto divorce."
Romero questioned the need for the law, saying, "This bill is actually an effort to erode private contract rights."

What I like (for "like" read: vomit blood) is how when directly asked if this is about gay and lesbian's rights to try to create protections for their relationships he says no. Then in the next breath he uses an example of just that type of situation as something this bill would outlaw(while lumping in our relationships with gambling and drug deals. While it's true that love is, to some extent, a gamble and intoxicating, somehow I don't think that's what he meant). He is a liar. And I feel like I'm back in Kindergarten screaming and crying because Brigham Smith stole my playground ball and then claimed that he had it first and I was tyring to take it from him, and the teacher believed HIM and all I could do was throw punches while screaming "Liar Liar Pants on Fire you Fucking ASSHOLE!" and then shake and cry from the unfairness of it all when he gets to continue playing with his stolen ball while I get put in the corner for language and hitting.

Posted by Trista @ 7:58 AM

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Fuckity fuck.

This shite just slays me.

Posted by Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) @ 12:37 PM #

You know what, whatever! I don't really care what bills they pass, I'm still going to live my life the way I am, and they can go screw themselves. There are more important things for them to worry about besides gay and lesbian people, like hmmm freaking child molestors! Good golly, I think they are all just scared and jealous because they know we are better people and parents then all of them. I hate Christensen, he's such a homophobic mormon freak who needs to realize that times are changing. The world is not just made up of mormons, and good freakin thing. Diversity is great, and people need to see that.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:08 PM #

GET OUT OF UTAH. I am scared for your mental health there.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 1:20 PM #

That is a very bad place you live. I am sorry.

Posted by Anonymous bri @ 2:15 PM #

Charlotte, was it the fridge magnet commune? It it was the magnets, you can tell me. I know, it's kind of a sad idea, to create friends out of magnets, or magnets out of friends, but really, It just seems such an elegant solution...

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 2:27 PM #

NOOOOOO. Well, yes, the fridge magnets are weird but I like that kind of weird.
I sent you my south park self from 2004.

It is my bad for posting the comment in the wrong place. But it is very funny that it ended up here. No, I meant that comment for your post about the bigot law that just was just passed in your homophobic state. Serouly move here and then we can be friends in person and not on our refigerators. But does me saying that make me your lesbian stalker?

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 2:57 PM #

Of course it does! That's ok, though, I have a soft spot for lesbian stalkers seeing as how I am one in my free time. Why do you think I'm doing the whole magnet thing? This way I can stalk many people without leaving my home!

In fact, Kristin and I miss stalking so much that yesterday we drove past the house where Megan Peters USED TO LIVE 3 YEARS AGO. As in lives there no more. It felt like old times, except there was no rush at thinking we might actually catch sight of her...

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 3:08 PM #

I just now realized that my comment was in the correct place and that you were JUST BEING FUNNY. Next time tell me when I am being a boob.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 7:18 PM #

Trista, I wrote and then lost a long rambly response to all this. (it's probably just as well I lost it)
I think it sounds scary to be in Utah and I want you to move, too, but I also feel annoyed that we (gay people) have to move to have rights, you know?? I mean, I wish you would come live near me (sorry Charlotte! :-) but you shouldn't HAVE to.
I am going to do the South park thing if I ever have five minutes to my self again....(I'm a teacher and Feb. break is next week....)

Posted by Blogger Lo @ 10:17 PM #

They don't give us a way to codify our relationships so we find our own ways. Then they attack the ways they have forced us into.

Seriously, how can you stand it? I can't imagine...

Posted by Blogger Sacha @ 11:15 PM #

Lavar Christensen is a self rightous ass. He is out to save us all from our sins.

Really, what is next, a law calling on the police to enforce the ban on sodomy, adultery, etc? Really.

I hate how the attitude of a VERY SMALL, VERY VOCAL minority, (Read the Eagle Forum) are driving good people out of this state so that they can have rights and safety.

Anyway, I hate the man, and wish someone would vote him out of office.

What an ass.

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 10:40 AM #

i just continue to be amazed that our politicians waste their time on being idiot biggots when there are real threats to our lives/freedoms/health/economy that deserve their time and our tax dollars.

Posted by Blogger betsy @ 1:49 PM #
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