What the fuck am I doing?

Here, I mean. What the fuck am I doing here? I paid (still paying, actually) 24k for a Master's Degree to sit here and do data entry? To answer phones? To buzz people through a bullet-proof glass door? To watch the other people in the office go to lunch without me while I sit here, lonely, eating my granola bar?

Not that data entry isn't a valuable job. But I didn't study for 2 years to do it. And, frankly, it shows in my speed and error ratio.

I was given a data entry task yesterday that, if I do nothing else but this task (NOT, btw, the job that I applied for and accepted. This position was not supposed to be a data entry position) will still take me about 2 YEARS to complete.

I need to find another job. I don't know how much longer I can do this.

And how stupid is it anyway that I'm sitting here crying because they didn't ask me to go to lunch with them. It's stupid. I should stop it right now. Instead of answering the phones with a wavery, high-pitched, squeaky, crying voice.

Posted by Trista @ 12:19 PM

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Join the club princess.

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 1:33 PM #

It sucks so bad to spend all the $$ on education and then be in a job that's totally unrelated. And of course, on that you're way over-qualified for.

Welcome to Utah! Where people take jobs "beneath" them all the time just so they can stay in Zion. Causing the pay scale to drop so severely that it's actually funny.

I'm sorry they don't ask you to go to lunch with them. I think they're the ones missing out, not you! If I was in Salt Lake (or even Provo still), I'd love to have a meal with you. Whether it be lunch, dinner or even just a cup of coffee. ((hugs))

Posted by Blogger Mandy @ 10:38 AM #

I'm so sorry. I'm in a remarkably similar situation and it bites. Hard.

Posted by Blogger art-sweet @ 1:27 PM #

I WAS in a similar situation - decent job, asswipes for colleagues, but then I targeted what I wanted, and I'm LOVIN the new job!

It can totally happen - find a company that works in the field you like, and perhaps apply to do data entry for them? Or some other task that you're SO qualified for.

And if the job bites REALLY hard? Just look for jobs WHILE at work. Use those resources, sister!


Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 2:59 PM #

That bites.
Hopefully you will get 'discovered' once the magazine hits the world & all the bullshit you are putting up with now will just make wonderful fodder for a scathing tell all.

I have missed you!!
Your posts about your dreams made the hair on my arms stand up. You have a gift.

Posted by Anonymous calliope @ 8:02 AM #

I hate my current job, and so I found a new one. Sorry. It sucks when your job is awful.

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 10:15 AM #
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