Going Forward

If any of you receive unwanted emails because of a comment you've made here I want to know about it. Forward them to me, please, at anaccidentofhope at inbox.com.
Not that I know what to do with the information, but if it becomes enough of a problem I might figure something out...

I just hate to think that maybe people don't want to comment because someone used what they said to attack them via email.

And as for all you lurkers (and reconnoiters -- my new term for people who have blogs but don't comment with their blogname because they want to keep their blogs private for some very good reason) I love you. I can see that you come here and read my little scrawlings and that's enough. I am never again going to try and flush lurkers out. But if you ever do feel compelled to say something, I'm committed to leaving the option for anonymous comments up. No matter how many anonymous haters there are out there.


Posted by Trista @ 10:41 AM

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Uhm. Did I miss something?

Posted by Blogger J @ 12:30 PM #

Holy frejoles, Batman!

I am thinking the same as j, did I miss something?

Posted by Blogger Lizzardbits @ 7:37 PM #


I'm happy to report that I have not had that experience.

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 8:51 PM #

Trista, I don't get the hate mail you receive. I have yet to meet you other than through your blogs, and think you're one of the coolest, most accepting people I've ever known. I count you as one of my friends. Too bad people are so quick to close their minds that they miss such awesome relationships.

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 8:11 AM #

I don't get it either!! what happened???
No hate mail so far for me :s

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 9:14 AM #
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