Nothing like a good rawr in the morning to get ones blood going, no?

Julia has been back in her own bed for the last two nights and sleeping all the way through! The last two nights I've put her down in her crib when she was sleepy but not asleep and she cried for a short time and then went to sleep. I stood, two feet from the door, listening to her cry, waiting for it to turn from "how obnoxious is it that you expect me to sit here in the dark, all alone, without anything to get into and destroy" to a hysterical "get me out of here right now or I swear to god at my earliest convenience I will knock over a 7-11 and kill the clerk just to watch him die!" and it never did. I think that's a huge step forward, don't you? Now if only we could turn Kristin into a "sleepy mommy" too so that I don't have the be the one to put Julia down every night and my life will be complete.

I spent yesterday evening with Merr and Summer watching Jericho. Kristin and I don't have TV, and Merr and Summer allowed me to talk them into getting hooked on the show so that I can come over and watch it, too. They're good people. If you've got a moment, can you go give them some love? Merr's brother-in-law is in the hospital, they've hit their one-year anniversary of unsuccessfully TTC a second child, and they recently got fired from a job that was to provide some much-needed additional income.

After that, I went home and made up our bed with the new satin sheets I got for only $20 on SALE! I've never slept on satin sheets before. They're shiny! And slippery! Which, if you've seen the pictures of my bedroom, you might understand why the slipperyness is a bit alarming to me. The important thing is, though, that they were ONLY $20!!! and they're a pretty color. But you know what kind of sheets I would like? What kind of sheets I dream about? Velvet sheets. I've never seen velvet sheets, I don't think anyone makes any. Velvet trimmed, sure. But all velvet? How luxurious would that be? Soft and fuzzy, warmer than satin, and without the worry about rough callouses and ragged toenails that silk sheets engender. Can you imagine the sensation of wrapping your nude body in luxurious dark-blue velvet sheets? I think I need to make myself some... or get someone else to make some for me. I like that second plan better...

Thank you everyone who participated in my little ego-boosting contest yesterday. It bears repeating that Plimco was the winner. But it made my little heart go pitter pat that so many people tried to puzzle through my sheer, unadulterated, not-0f-this-world genious. I feel so much better now.

Finally, some of you have seen this, some of you haven't. I'd like to draw your attention to:

A girl and her dog

Posted by Trista @ 10:14 AM

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I'm sorry. What was that? Who won again? Me? Why yes. Yes. I seem to have won.

The thought of velvet sheets makes me sweat. Not in a good way. In a stinky clammy way. Maybe there's a reason why they don't exist, you know?

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 11:23 AM #

you know, Celia, just because you're not strong enough to handle velvet sheetage doesn't mean everyone else is, too. What about flannel sheets? They're hot and they're everywhere!

No matter what you say, I am still gonna dream about velvet sheets until I finally get some. I refuse to believe that they aren't sexy-sexy...

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 11:34 AM #

Actually (puts on bedlinen hat), they do make velour sheeting (very similar to velvet). My Place of Employment has had a couple of samples sent to us and I have to admit, we all laughed at the thought. We might still have them around here somewhere...

Trista, ever seen the Seinfeld episode where George talks about his love of velvet. It's hysterical.

Posted by Anonymous Brooke @ 12:15 PM #

Try this site:

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:25 PM #

Holy CRAP, Anonymous, I think I just wet myself! Unfortunately, I must be honest, I'm so vanilla that the leather, latex, and PVC sheets actually scared me. Though I could see how they'd be better than the old shower curtain for some good old-fashioned olive oil wrestling. Urm, not that I've ever done that. Vanilla, remember? VANILLA.

And Brooke, I fail to see what's so funny about velvet sheets. Of course, if you DO have any of those samples lying around, unwanted and unloved, you know I'd give them a good home...

If anyone sends me velvet (or velour) sheets I would be more than happy to write a review.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 12:44 PM #

Gorgeous set, A Girl and Her Dog. Such curiosity and patience.

Velvet sounds wonderful, until I ponder the laundry ramifications. Flannel is difficult to pry oneself out of during northern Michigan winters, but that can be a good thing. So far, my fave is a 600 thread count set I bought at a Penney's white sale. Almost as smooth as satin, but without the sheen and slipperiness. The only pitfal to spoiling oneself with excellent sheets happens during travel, when the hotel falls short in the linens department. It's hard to fall asleep on sandpaper!

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 12:47 PM #

velvet sounds so Elvis & rock star of you. (or maybe it was just the lusting for blue velvet)
I really wanted to participate in your contest yesterday but when it comes to smart people things I feel really stupid.
(this is probably b/c, unlike you, I have 6 million tv's in my house all hooked up to cable)

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 8:25 AM #
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