One last thing and then I'm done talking about it

2-3 years ago, when Kristin and I were searching for someone to be our known sperm donor, Wilma offered up her husband's stuff.

She said they'd talked about it and since they were familiar with the pain of infertility (she'd had an ectopic and it took her a year of active trying before she concieved again) they wanted to help us start our family.

We politely declined. We just weren't sure that it was such a good idea.

Thank God we did so.

Posted by Trista @ 12:48 PM

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Yes, yes, another good thing. Because now that she's a bigot, she'd probably try to repo the kid (if it had worked) and not let it celebrate Halloween or do any fun kid stuff.

Remember - Michael Jackson's a J-Dub. Or was.

Here, have some Jesus Juice...

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 3:42 PM #

My ex had a co-worker who was a JW who once said, in private, "There's nothing I love more than to witness for the Lord, but I'm careful of the context in which I do it, because I'd like to remain employed, and I'd like not to lose some dear, old friends." Smart guy, I think. He'd been at it for a while; maybe, eventually, Wilma will cool her jets and develop some tact.

I don't know who your sperm donor turned out to be, but clearly you could not have bestowed the honor on a better man. That Julia is the bee's knees.

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 6:53 AM #
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