Avast Ye Mateys!!!

I nearly lost me head in forgettin' to tell ye that it be Talk Like a Pirate Day today!

Shiver me timbers!

Arrr. I be pleased beyond measure that this day has finally arrived. And such a fine day it be, too. A fine day indeed to be talking like a pirate. And if any of you scurvey dogs be wanting a share in the treasure you'd best be talking like a pirate in my ken or I'll scuttle your skippers and you'll be wishin I had keelhauled your arse and made ye walk the plank to Davy Jones' locker.

Now, arrr, bring me a fine serving wench to bid me me pleasures ARRRRRR!

Your Pirate Name Is...

Pegleg Ladyfingers
What's Your Pirate Name?

Posted by Trista @ 10:36 AM

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did you see the "wife swap" last night with the wife of the guy who created "talk like a pirate day?"

Priceless stuff. Seriously

Posted by Blogger J @ 1:25 PM #
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