You'll have just to imagine this

Here is a short list of the magnificent pictures I would post if my blankety-blank digital camera had a battery:

  • Our christmas tree
  • Zoe curled up under the christmas tree
  • Oliver with his head stuck through the cat door
  • Our vintage 1950's gas log complete with carcinogenic sparkles to give the illusion of "real" embers. You can't see any flames, but boy those sparkling bits sure fool one into thinking we have a real fire going.
  • Julia, her face smeared with her very first cereal, managing somehow both to smile and slurp cereal off the spoon at the same time.
  • Julia screaming in excitement and happiness as cereal falls out of her mouth, down her bib, and into her lap.
  • Oscar waiting very patiently for us to give up feeding things to that squirmy creature that for some reason we pay so much attention to, and start remembering that he is the one to whom we should be feeding treats (while at the same time crowding very close so that he can catch any cereal that falls from the spoon or Julia's mouth into his sphere of influence)
  • Julia sleeping on Kristin's lap with Zoe curled around her
  • Oliver "cleaning up" the pile of cat barf Zoe left for us on the rug just inside the cat door (just kidding, I wouldn't have taken a picture of that, that's just gross. But you want to know something grosser than that? We let him because we are still so tired and by letting him do what he so wanted to do, we avoided having to clean it up ourselves... at least removing the chunks -- we still wiped up the residue and disinfected, I swear!)

I really need a new battery.

Posted by Trista @ 8:23 AM

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i always see the best stuff when i'm cameraless. Every morning i swear i'm going to take mine on the ride out of the rural abyss and into town, but somehow EVERY morning, i forget.

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 1:24 PM #

Wow -- and we thought that some of the stuff we learned in childbirth class was gross! ;-)

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 9:16 AM #
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