Do I smell or something?

I found out last night that A (not to be confused with A who watches Julia) just accepted a job in Portland. That means that she's moving on January 3rd. Her partner, N, will move either very soon (if she gets the job she just applied for) or in May when the school year ends. Either way, they'll both be gone. Kristin and I consider A&N our best couple friends. This means that I will have lost 3 of my (rather limited)IRL best friends to other states within the course of a year (Lauri & Benji moved last May). Now, I knew that Lauri and Benji were leaving when I met them. They were only here for school. And Jennifer will be leaving soon, too, since she's only here for school. But this whole move of A's is rather a surprise since they just bought a new house and haven't even finished remodeling it yet.

This move will be good for A, but I'm pretty down about it. Maybe it's time for me and Kristin to move, too. It's just that I really want to be close to my mother when it's my turn to be pregnant and give birth.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who moved onto Gruyere Way. I love the illustration of this wonderful on-line community. If you haven't yet built your house, please do, we're going to have some rockin' block parties...

Posted by Trista @ 8:57 AM

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You do smell. I'm sorry. I wasn't going to say anything, but you brought it up. It's really bad; I mean, we had to move to Iowa. That's two entire states away, and Nebraska is a really, really long state, usually with a strong wind.

Okay, I'm just kidding:) But I do think that you should move to Iowa too. I miss you! And I'll build a house as soon as I figure out how:)

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:49 PM #

You know what? You're right. Portland is 2 states away, too! Oh my god. My stench has a 2 state radius!

It must be all the cheese.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 1:54 PM #

Maybe try some soap?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:43 PM #

When we decided to move to GA, it was about the hardest thing we've looked at as a couple. We REALLY miss our DC friends, and we'd been angling to move to WI, where we also miss friends.

Ugh. At least we have the Internet.

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 8:30 AM #

First of all, I, too, would like to "live" in my little house on your street. How cool would that be. If only your street were in Provincetown...you'd still have your beach and we'd be surrounded by girl power!!

Second, sorry everyone seems to be moving away. My best friend has a similar problem, but only with hairdressers. If you desire to relocate you need only become a cosmetologist in my town and then have Paula make an appointment with you. Within weeks you'll be moving far, far away. I do not exaggerate. She's on her fifth in two years--all moved to different states.

Posted by Blogger hd @ 7:20 AM #
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