It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day...

Amanda's right. We all need some R&R. You too. All of you. Plus, Wannabemom mentioned that there are real-life blogger meetings going on and I'm wishing really hard that I could meet a bunch of you in real life. So... until then, come move in next to me on Gruyere Way (cause I like cheese!). Click on this link and draw a house (it doesn't need to be on the ocean like mine -- that's the magic of Gruyere Way it can contain all sorts of landscaping). Then you take this little personality test and then you receive great wisdom about yourself. Then your house appears on my street. Come back and let me know that you've moved in so I can bring over some baked treats (he he -- wait, no, don't let that scare you readers of the Tammi Letters on Estelle's blog off) . We can all see everyone's house by clicking this link, but if you click this second link to build a house you won't get your house on my street and what's the fun in that?

Let's have a slumber party!

PS-- Thanks to Anne for bringing this to my attention. You can check out her street (and my treehouse) here.

Posted by Trista @ 11:16 AM

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It's an addictive little thing, isn't it? Especially so, I think, within the framework of an online community of sorts -- getting to create some small representation of physical proximity to the people whose words make a daily appearance in our homes, etc.

Either that or it's just that it's fun to draw houses like a little kid. :)

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 6:02 PM #

Good lord. I started out doing a simple little house and ended up erasing it all and starting over, pondering colors, roofline, tree types. Sheesh. Is EVERYONE in this neighborhood as anal as I am?? :o)

Posted by Blogger hd @ 7:43 PM #

Anne: Addicting, yes. Each house that is added to my street is a delight, and I've got houses from people I didn't even know read me! So that is a treat. I love the neighborhood that is evolving. Wishing I could live there in real life -- and not just so I can lounge around in my hammock by the sea.

HD -- Well, I don't know about everyone, but I know that even though I was making my vacation home, I spent waaaaay too much time making the palm fronds and pebble walkway and the bead-curtain doorway. Yes, that's a bead curtain, I know it doesn't look like it, but it really is.

So, my door is always open. Pina coladas and margaritas for everyone!

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 7:59 AM #

that was great fun! although agreed... there is an inclination to go back and add great detail. i'm resisting. trista, i'm coming to your place for vacation!

Posted by Blogger betsy @ 2:49 PM #

Lauri -- are you an architect/artist? Cause that is one magnificent house! Love the ponytail and the corn and the Annie.

Betsy -- You are welcome anytime, I think I might have to come and do some porch sitting over at your place in return!

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 3:00 PM #

And that's Smokie in the front yard on the left side. In real life, she looks very small; but that is an optical illusion. My drawing, which is to scale, shows her at her true size, which is almost as big as me. That is why she is so hungry all of the time.

Do you ever wonder if your animals would eat you if you died in your sleep and no one found you? I don't think Annie would eat me, but I'm pretty sure Smokie would. And then, Kisa would see her do it and join in. Afterwards, they would both lay on the bed and sleep the dead sleep of gluttony. Which is why I don't want to die in my sleep and have no one find me.

I wish I had a hammock.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:01 PM #

I do think that Oscar and Oliver would eat me. But first they would play tug of war with my body and scatter it around and then roll in it and THEN eat it.

Zoe would not eat me because she is a picky eater. I'm not good enough for her.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 3:02 PM #
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