Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? UPDATED cause I did it wrong

Hey all, how can I plan out my super-duper road/plane/boat trip to meet all of you if you don't let me know the general vicinity where you live?

So, please go to my Frappr! map and post your pin. I'll put this link in my sidebar so everyone can see it.


PS - Thanks to Lorem who let me know that she was having problems. It turns out I had made the wrong kind of map -- I had made the kind of map that people couldn't add themselves to. Silly me. It's fixed now. Go there (please?)

Posted by Trista @ 12:32 PM

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I think I zoomed in on my neighborhood, but how do I place a pin? Do I have to be logged in?

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 2:21 PM #
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