Good Things

So many, many good things happened yesterday and over the night. Not the least of these good things is all the new real-estate on Gruyere Way. One of the coolest things about it is the way it flushed some lurkers out of hiding. Lauri told me that you were reading, Benji, but I wasn't sure I believed her. I thought she was trying to reassure me that I did, indeed, have more readers than I thought. (or she was trying to deny responsibility for all the Iowa hits, freaky stalker that she is! She wants me, she wants me bad.) The neighborhood is the coolest ever and I really wish it existed somewhere (in part, I must admit, because I would love to be lounging on a beach in a hammock in some lovely 80 degree weather surrounded by margaritas and cool people). Though, it appears that we have a spec-house on the street, since the builder didn't leave a name. Maybe he or she is planning on selling it? Let's all hope we get a good neighbor. Maybe Mothra to do battle with Lauri's godzilla? (yes, Lauri, I know it's a brontosaurus -- or maybe a pleseiosaur?-- but there are no pop-culture references to famous monsters that do battle with brontosauri). If you're reading this and you haven't yet moved in, there's still time (just don't click on the link above to draw your house, click on this link to make certain your house gets added to Gruyere Way). It's monstrous fun.

Also, I just wanted to make a disclaimer: when I was complaining about all of my good friends moving out of state away from me, I didn't mean to discount the importance of Moss's proximity. Yes, my good friend Moss is still here. She seems not to have a sensitive nose. However, I also understand that she will be leaving eventually, too. So, everyone abandons me eventually whine whine whine. Ok, I'm over that now.

And thanks to everyone who has signed the frappr map. It seems that most of my participatory readers come from the same time zone. And it's not mine. Fascinating-strange.

So, I'll gloss over the recounting all of the rest of the good things that happened yesterday, with just a mention that I am pretty happy today because of them and get to the most important good thing that happened:

I got my cheerful, smiling, giggling, wriggling, babbling baby back! And she's nearly mastered sitting up on her own! It's such a relief to have her back. Plus, she slept really well last night. Went down about 9 and slept to 3:30, then back down at 4:30 and slept till we woke her up at 6:30. In celebration, I am posting another cute picture of her...

(taken by Heather)

Posted by Trista @ 8:15 AM

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It doesn't matter if anybody reads you. You're doing it for yourself. You feel better after getting it out.

Posted by Blogger Anonymous Assclown @ 8:50 AM #

By the way, I tried stepping through your email confirmation process but I stopped at the point where they asked for a stool sample and a note from my mother. Sorry.

Posted by Blogger Anonymous Assclown @ 8:54 AM #

"Cute" is a total understatement for that picture. I'm dying of the cuteness here!

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 1:20 PM #

It's so hard when folks leave us behind...and we think about moving away from here on a daily basis. Eventually, we will, but in the meantime it gets frustrating that the people "closest" to you are so far away. i for one sure enjoy reading what you write, and of course seeing the occasional, adorable picture of Julia. :)

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 11:49 AM #

Wow. Kudos to Heather. That picture is a work of art. I'm so happy to hear that she's doing better. It sounds like all of you are.

Posted by Blogger StateShift @ 3:26 PM #

that picture is adorable!
She is soooooo beautiful. I agree - it is a work of art!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 7:36 AM #

I LOVE this picture!!!!!

Posted by Blogger hd @ 7:16 AM #
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