unhappy milestone (and something maybe happy)

I am sorry to say that it appears Julia has her first cold. The poor thing is all stuffed up and this morning began a phlegmy little cough. She's such a cheerful baby, though, that she's remained in relatively good spirits about the whole thing, she's just been getting tired more easily, and since she really doesn't like to fall asleep, she's been a bit crankier than usual around her normal sleepy times.

Kristin is also sick, which makes me the only non-mucusy one in the whole household.

On another, related (I'm sure) note. Last night we realized that if WE are cold in our house, then our baby is probably cold. Yeah, we're brilliant over here. And it dimly occurred to us that her reverting to wanting to be held all night might have something to do with said chillyness. So last night we dressed for bed in: a onesie, socks, a heavy cotton nightgown, a long-sleeved sleep sac with the sleeves pulled over her hands, a hat, a receiving blanket, and a partridge. Have you ever seen the movie "A Christmas Story"? She looked just like the little kid in the snowsuit. Yes, we realize that the partridge might have been a bit much, but he just looked so left out sitting in his pear tree all alone... and yes, we know that overheating and excess cloth around the baby are sids risks, but it's not like we were covering her in a down comforter on a waterbed, and besides, she sleeps propped upright in her swing. Anyway, I finally got her to sleep around 10 PM and she slept all the way until...

4:15 am! and then she woke to drink 2 oz and go right back to sleep. I was back in bed by 4:30! Woo hoo! And I had to wake her at 7:00 because we thought I would be taking her to A's, but then she had the cough and we decided that I would stay home from work with her so she can rest and hopefully start back on the mend. So then I regretted waking her, cause I could have slept in! Oh well, now she's down for a nap, so I can tell that she is definitely not feeling well, because she slipped off without even a minor struggle.

Let's hope that it was the bundling and not the virus that helped her (mostly) sleep through the night!

Posted by Trista @ 9:11 AM

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Poor little Julia! i'm glad she's getting some sleep...it's probably exactly what she needs. :(

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 9:57 AM #

K, I am laughing at that image. How did she fit in her swing?

Maybe you could turn up the heat?

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 10:07 AM #

i want to come to your house to get wrapped up in a ton of cozy stuff and put to sleep in a swing. sounds delightful, actually.

Posted by Blogger betsy @ 12:14 PM #
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