Would YOU buy this hat?

Seriously. Kristin makes great hats (I make the pompoms, though) and she's been told on more than one occasion that she should sell them. AND, she made more hats while she was pregnant than Julia will ever wear. AND she likes making hats and she's creative and fast at it. So, we thought I'd ask you fine folks what you thought.

Would you buy a baby hat that was in the same spirit as this (they're all unique):

She also makes great ones in adult sizes with matching scarves. And she can take special orders (in terms of size and main color and "feel" but not necessarily in specific yarns).

We were thinking for a baby hat the prices would run from $10-$20 depending on the price of the yarn.

(If you say that you would buy a hat like this I won't hold you to it later. I'll just make a little store and post links and pics and pile on the guilt until you CAVE from the pressure and buy a hat and then you'll see how fabulous and popular you become with the help of the marvelous hat)

PS -- in the picture (admittedly not the greatest but what I've got at the moment) Julia's boot is coming off. Her foot is NOT freaky-shaped. I repeat: my daughter does not have a freaky foot.

Posted by Trista @ 11:32 AM

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i would abSoLuTeLy buy a hat like this - as gifts mind you, i don't have a child of my own. but i know plenty of baby heads that would look just adorable in one of these.

Posted by Blogger betsy @ 12:30 PM #

I think the hat is adorable.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:13 PM #

I would buy one. For sure. I might buy that baby too. And that chair she's sitting in. Offering any package deals?

Posted by Blogger Nik @ 4:29 PM #

uh-oh! there are two of me!

hi, other betsy!

i would probably not buy a hat like that. instead i would enlarge the picture and stare at it intently until i figured out how to knit one of my own. (well, for future hypothetical kidlet.) then i would be sooooo sick of it that when all of my friends said "eee! want one for my kidlet!" i would say "okay! go talk to trista! her wife will knit you one!"

Posted by Blogger betsyl @ 10:03 PM #

Oh, my God too Cute! If I had a daughter I would buy one!

Posted by Blogger Catherine @ 7:34 AM #

But she MAY have a freaky hairdo! VERY cute, nonetheless. i would wear a hat like that (and put one on my child) any time.

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 7:35 AM #

I'd love one! In some nice gender-neutral color for the Future Embryo (tm). The hat looks stretchy and fuzzy and adorable.

(Oh, and hi, nice to meet ya. No idea how I got here, but y'all are entertaining! :D )

Posted by Blogger Kate @ 9:19 PM #
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