Smells like some kind of spirit

You know the feeling when you let a tiny bit of latte sit in a travel mug in the cup holder of your car for, say, a week or three, until you forget that there is a tiny bit of latte left in that mug, and when you have to move the mug to your passenger seat so you can take your cd player's faceplate off and then you just go ahead and leave the empty (or so you thought) mug on your passenger seat until you take a turn too fast and it tips over and a bit of very stinky fluid leaks out and onto your seat and the fluid is kinda clear at this point and you don't have any time or any thing to clean it up and so you figure that you are just going to have to steam clean the whole seat (and it needed it anyway) so you just let it go and then a day or so goes by and you forget about it and throw your coat onto the passenger seat and leave it there overnight and it absorbs the smell but you don't notice until you are wearing that coat and standing in a very crowded train and wondering why the stranger next to you reminds you of your car and the smell that your car sometimes has when you realize that it's not the stranger who smells like rotten-latte car, no, NO it's not the stranger it's... you, YOU SMELL LIKE ROTTEN-LATTE CAR!?

What? You're telling me that you don't know that feeling?


Posted by Trista @ 8:02 AM

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Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 9:17 AM #

I think I would prefer that feeling to the feeling of "oh my god the seam of my skirt came unraveled in the back and the original 3" slit now goes all the way up to places it shouldn't be and I have been walking around with my pink flowery underwear showing all morning and why oh why did someone not say something to me?" Did you know that pinstripe suits lose their effectiveness when such things happen? Well they do.

Posted by Anonymous Molly @ 9:30 AM #

Ewww. And yes, I do know that feeling, or one very similar to it. That there is a VERY bad smell, and I would know. You have my sympathy. I just have one question: WHY are you removing your CD player's faceplate?

Posted by Blogger hd @ 7:41 PM #

HD: That is a good question. The faceplate is a removable one, but I normally don't remove it. But on that particular day there were weird people hanging out in the parking lot of the train station and I didn't want them to steal my kick-ass stereo or any of my CD's while they were at it. And thus the smell was born...

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 8:00 AM #

too much, but i do know the smell. i have never ever been good with travel cups or thermoses. Scary things in my past. And present.

Posted by Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) @ 8:56 PM #
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