Hell is

Cold. And filled with the sound of Salvation Army bells. Duelling bells. Less than 50 feet apart. At my train station.

The one thing that puts the largest cramp on my Holiday season are those damn bell ringers that sit outside every store to put the guilt in you. You know the guilt. I don't need to tell you about the guilt.

I love Target because they don't let the bell ringers near. And I can be materialistic in peace, and buy my holiday goods without thinking of all those needy people out there that would benefit so greatly by my throwing wads of cash into the red bucket whenever I hear the sound of a bell. Yes, I love Target. I don't have to cringe and cover my ears and cry when I walk by.

Every evening from now until the end of poverty and hunger -- oh, I mean the end of the Holiday season -- I will have to wait for my train while listening to the merry sounds of bell ringers less than 50 feet apart trying to get the most donations. The bells aren't even tuned the same. One is slightly sharp.

And did I mention that it finally got cold here? Did I mention how much I hate the cold?

But other than that... everything is GREAT.

Posted by Trista @ 9:45 AM

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Oh the joy of the bell ringers.
I don't give them anything. I don't feel bad about it either. I give my donations to causes I deem worthy the old fashioned way... I send them a check.

As soon as I get my free t-shirt

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 2:23 PM #

I feel guilty with the bell ringers. Sometimes, I want to justify myself to them when I don't give; I want to tell them about how I just put my spare change in the other guy's bucket. And I don't like how the bell ringers stare straight ahead and swing the bell back and forth; but I also don't like to make eye contact. I feel the same way with people who beg on the street (once, I gave a guy begging on the corner of an interstate off-ramp and banana, and then everyday after that I felt bad that I wasn't giving him a banana. And the thing is, he probably didn't want a stupid banana; he probably would have preferred some nice cash.). So I give my spare change, and feel bad about not giving more; and then I think about how I'm about three pennies from being one of the people they are collecting money for. I still feel guilty though.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:14 PM #

I liked it that year (or was it years?) that PFLAG encouraged everyone to print off those money-sized flyers that basically said, "The Salvation Army discriminates against gay people so you don't get my money."

Then PFLAG dropped it . . . I can't remember why. I have a vague recollection, but it's not a formed thought so I won't bother.

Posted by Blogger breather @ 12:35 AM #

It is definitely a funny feeling to find yourself explaining how you actually gave on the way IN to the store. i'm sure by the end of the day we all look the same to the bell-ringers anyway, which is probably why they stare straight ahead. i say, shop at the Salvation Army for fun retro clothes, and adopt a family (lots of charities offer this) instead.

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 7:55 AM #

That PFLAG comment is hilarious! On one hand, I can't believe they'd do that, but having sat through a few PFLAG meetings in my teen days, I suppose I can sort of see it.

I hate holiday charity guilt!

Posted by Anonymous Molly @ 11:56 AM #

I love Target for that reason too. :) We give lots during the holidays, I don't need more guilt.

Posted by Blogger Rainbow Momma @ 12:23 PM #

so true. I have hard time buying my family some little token, without feeling bad about giving to all the others. My gosh here we have kinds baging groceries asking for money for scholl. With them you have no choice

Posted by Blogger Catherine @ 2:28 PM #
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