um, yeah, well

Estelle tagged me with a story tree a week ago today. If I don't post today supposedly the story tree is dead. Is that a little like killing kittens when you masturbate? I've killed the story tree, I guess I'll go comfort myself by killing kittens now, too.

Anyway, I've actually completed my section of the story tree, it's just that it's Thanksgiving, and the people I'm planning on tagging are all busy with Thanksgiving and probably won't see it until a good part of their week to reply is gone. So, I am changing the rules. I am going to put the story tree in a cryo tank and recuscitate it on Monday. Safely past the holiday weekend. When the triptophan has worn off and brains are working again.

The Story Tree SHALL NOT DIE!

Posted by Trista @ 9:06 AM

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