well, anyway...

It was a better day today.

Of course it's always a good day when you find out that you are an undiscovered (and unlauded) GENIOUS! I took the following test in between bouts of data entry (and kept having to minimize the screen, let's just say I was a bit distracted, so I'm probably EVEN SMARTER, ha!)

The funniest thing about this was, to me, the change it appears to mark in the way my brain is working lately. The last standardized test I took was the GRE and my results were laughable. I missed 1 question on the language skills, and 3 questions on the logic skills sections which put me pretty high up in the percentiles. But the math, oh the math! I scored SO LOW on the math. It looked I was some person who could recite the dictionary and hold my own in an argument with Plato (something I definitely COULDN'T and CAN'T do) but couldn't figure out how many doors are on a 4-door Sedan. Very much a skewed portrait.

Now, well, as you can see below, things are changed. Now apparently I'm a mathmatical genious, but can't reason my way out of a paper bag. How does this happen? Isn't math a logical application? Shouldn't skill in one equate to skill in the other? Why are my skills always picking on each other, pushing each other down? If I'm a mathmatical genious, how come it makes my head hurt to balance my checkbook? And how come it takes me 3 days and 2 bottles of Aleve to figure out our household budget? If I was a genious wouldn't I be able to spew those numbers out in my sleep? Logially, this would seem to indicate that I am not a genious. Of course, the test doesn't give me much confidence in my logic skills. So, if that's right, and I'm wrong, then I'm not a genious. But can I be a genious and still be wrong? And if I'm right, and I'm not wrong, then that would mean I'm not a genious, but I'm right about that and that would mean that my logic skills aren't as bad as the test says and that would push my score up making me even more of a genious even as I prove that I'm not one. Ow. My head hurts again.

Anyway, if you take the test below and it show you as less smart than me, well, I hate to say it, but it's probably true. I am a genious, after all, and I can't argue with that (apparently I can't argue with anything). If it says you're smarter than me, well then I knew it was wrong anyway. Those tests are always wrong.

And that just goes to prove my old theory: Germans Love David Hasselhof*

Your IQ Is 130

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Exceptional
A Quick and Dirty IQ Test

* If you get the pop-culture reference in this statement, I will make and send you mental brownies and kudos.

Posted by Trista @ 12:21 PM

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Thanks, Trista. I just spent AN HOUR learning all sorts of interesting things about myself: my inner hair color, my monster name, the patter of my brain. Oh, and my math skills? THEY SUCK. :o)

Posted by Blogger hd @ 6:18 PM #

Oh no. one time, in a fit of bad self-esteem, I went online looking for IQ tests. I took several of them. ONce I scored 164--another time, 110. Not so revealing. That said, on the one you linked to, even if I change all the answers, I can't seem to crack "below average" on the logic. And since I tend to score well on logic on the GRE, Erik scores well and you score well, my lotical argument is that the test isn't gauging correctly. Ha! So there IQ in the butt.
Sorry. I get a little wiggy when I'm not genius or at least above average. OK. At least average.

Posted by Blogger Nik @ 7:54 PM #

I get the reference. Do I get my brownie now?

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 6:46 AM #

Yay for Saturday Night Live! Can I have that brownie now?

Posted by Anonymous Molly @ 9:56 AM #

Trista I scored low on Math in GRE too. Anyhow I will not even try this quiz until I have had two good nights of sleep.

Posted by Blogger Catherine @ 10:15 AM #

Yay for Mollie! Do you like mint, walnut, or toffee. Or are you a brownie purist?

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 10:26 AM #

Love your reasoning!! :)

Posted by Blogger Sonya @ 12:43 PM #

I am an actual genius (on and off in Mensa) and I scored a 120 on that test. Which leads me to believe that (a) I have gotten stupider, (b) such tests have gotten more difficult since I took the old kind, (c) that test is flawed or (d) I just shouldn't take online IQ tests, 'quick and dirty' or not.

Note: There is a correct answer to the above. I don't know what it is, either.

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 9:06 AM #
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