new section of a long poem (revised)

Here it is, what was formerly known as The Seven Beat Wonder. Complete, for the moment, and posted for your pleasure.

(for sticklers of formatting, the three lines that are not capitalized are supposed to be indented 5 spaces)

from No Normal Love
(A Sci-Fi Lesbian Pirate Bodice-Ripper)

Part the Fifty-Second: Wherein Things Rise Through

A craving for the dirt-dusted
For combing through with fingers and nails
Her face against the cruxes of bodies
Tasting of viscera, stamina – a cling of must and lemon
through an indrawn breath
Devouring overly things and the loving of the devouring
Smile as in the baring of teeth, the flashing of incisors
And she can tell you where fruit will ripen
and when
She could go swinging swinging
through layers of leaves swinging

This is a (sorta) 3rd or 4th draft. Questions, comments, critiques are all welcome.

If you need the info, the heroine of this poem is the result of a rogue genetic experiment, and as such is 1/4 Spider Monkey (but looks truly human except for her ears and tail).

Posted by Trista @ 9:30 AM

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i love it! The lines themselves swing. My only suggestion is to expand the 'tasting insides....' line. i think it' too condensed.
I want to know what the All" is & what it tastes like.
Really very swanky though.

Posted by Blogger Nik @ 10:53 AM #

Thanks! And a good point. While this thing is still singing inside me I will give that line more consideration...

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 11:21 AM #
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