unexpected exuberance

Just a quick note to say I am happy happy happy today.
This is unusual because normally I walk around a slightly purplish shade of gray.

  • Could my medications finally have kicked in?
  • Could I have lost so much sleep that I've finally gone a bit wacky?
  • Could I be channelling some spirit that died insanely happy and is now spending the afterlife wafting around trying to give people a glimpse of the joy that kills?
  • Could this be incipient hysteria bubbling up and I'm just misreading the signs?

Only the shadow knows for sure...

Posted by Trista @ 11:24 AM

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I vote for number three or four. But probably three.
Glad you're having a wonderful day. Whenever you find out the source of your happiness, be sure to share!

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 1:01 PM #

Maybe you are just happy because you deserve it.

Posted by Blogger breather @ 3:25 PM #

Whatever the reason, I'm happy to hear that you're feeling happy.

And (tangentally as usual) I swear, I haven't totally given up on my blog. I will post again. Sickness, new job, yadayada, excuses. Guilt. Long sigh.

Posted by Blogger StateShift @ 7:19 PM #

I have found that kids are good for both adding lightness and dark to your shades of gray. But either is better than low grade blahness.

I'm jealous that you connected at your parents' group. We went to one last weekend and it was a dud

Posted by Blogger Lionmom @ 10:22 AM #
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