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For the most part, Julia's like a beautiful little snuggly little squeaky little lump. I love her. But she's kinda lumpish. At least she was till about a week ago. Since she was born, in the rare moments when she was awake, not hungry, and not suffering from gas or laboring to poop, I've been working with her on sticking her tongue out. I would stick my tongue out at her and try to get her to reciprocate. This endeavor has met with mixed success.

But the other day, I was holding her and she was awake and aware and happy. She looked at me and I saw this expression cross her face. It was the look of someone who has just had a thought cross their mind. She gets this look, and then she sticks her tongue out at me! I got excited and stuck my tongue out at her and then she gets really excited and starts waving her hands around and kicking her feet and opens her eyes really big and sticks her tongue out again. (can you hear how excited I am through my italics?) Anyway, we did this a few more times and then Oscar barked and she looked at him and forgot about the whole thing. And I couldn't get her to do it again.

So, I was beginning to think I had dreamed the whole interactive thing. But then my mom came over to bring Julia's first Halloween costume (a pumpkin, look for pics later) and while she was holding Julia and cooing at her, Julia becan cooing back. They sat and cooed at each other for a few minutes and it was so cute I wanted to cry. Later, I tried it myself and Julia and I had a very deep conversation that lasted for several minutes. She has quite a unique perspective on our country's current Administration and its Supreme Court choices.

She is just growing up so fast. Before I know it she will be all independent, sleeping in her own crib, feeding herself, sitting upright all by herself...

At least for longer than the five seconds it took to take this picture.

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Wow...we don't hear anything for a few days, and then there's just SO much to say! First of all, we totally want to read the poem once it's all out and onto paper. Secondly, guilt is a natural sensation that most empathetic people sometimes feel, but you can't let it get in the way of living your life the way YOU want to live it. My mom passed on to me her inability to relax without making sure each and every person in the room was humored, comfortable, entertained and content (which i wished she hadn't). Julia should inherit your empathy, concern, and awareness of the impact of your being, but not all that pesky guilt that accompanies it. Guilt keeps us from reaching our full confidence potential, and that simply sucks. i speak from experience!
i know i don't really know you, and i'm certainly not trying to tell you how to parent or live your life--i'm just thinking you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. :)
Look at that cute little cooing, tongue-sticker-outer, and know that there are reasons karma has brought you good things.
Oh yes, and check out this article about babies and spicy food--it may give you a different perspective! (http://www.cnn.com/2005/HEALTH/parenting/10/10/baby.food.myths.ap/index.html)
i'll shut up now.

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 10:53 AM #

Hmm, I don't know if you check back on comments to see if someone has commented on your comment, but here goes. I checked out the article. And it flies with what I was thinking myself. A bit. Oh, this kid is going to like curries and mexican food and indian food and other hot stuff just cause Kristin couldn't get enough of it while pregnant. I was actually thinking I needed to go bland just because this isn't the first time a deadly cloud of garam masala vapor has nearly scared us out of our home... Kristin likes to tell people that I'm trying to kill her with my cooking -- by bringing on an asthma attack.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 7:59 PM #

Sometimes, i do! We also saw this article the other day (and i just vaguely remember it), but it said something about children that eat mostly organic food have levels 70% lower of harmful chemicals in their bodies...i hope i'm not exaggerating that, but i really think that's what it said. We're all about the healthy, spicy, flavorful, organic food!!

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 8:20 AM #

eee! more baby pictures! she's totally adorable.

i am currently deeply in the throes of baby hunger, and i do not have any of: a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or enough money/stability to have a kid on my own. so i subsist on the pictures of other people's babies.

Posted by Blogger betsyl @ 10:12 AM #
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