UPDATED!! various pieces of info you probably don't really need to know

OK OK, Estelle is the one who most recently told me and apparently Jen also told me and I completely didn't listen to her. In fact I so didn't listen to her that I didn't hear her. But I believe her. If I have forgotten to acknowledge anyone else's warnings, please slap me on the wrist and tickle me with a feather.

Oh and whoever is reading my blog from Teasdale, Utah, will you PLEASE email me (you can find the address on the profile) and let me know that you are not my Aunt Lisa. Cause everytime I see that Teasdale IP (yes, I do check the IP's of readers) I totally freak out and have an anxiety attack wondering what my grandmother will say to me the next time I see her, cause you totally know that whatever Aunt Lisa reads will make it to my Grandmother before I can say, "what the fuck?"

And the mutant squash is dead. Dead I tell you. Kristin killed it with her bare hands in a fit of rage over the fact that our purple and black heirloom tomatoes will not ripen this year. All because of the mutant. The shape-changing pumpkin-like thingies we've been eating all summer were totally not worth losing the chance to make purple and black salsas. And now I yanked it cause that was the picture making everything screwy. Maybe it will come back for Halloween. Maybe not. Only the shadow knows for sure...

1) I fixed the coding problems with my sidebar. For heaven's sakes, folks, could you let a girl know when her coding is misbehaving? This has been going on for weeks and no one told me. I feel a bit like someone who walks out of the bathroom with toilet paper and her shoe, her skirt tucked into her nylons, and broccoli in her teeth only to be told that her hair is looking better...

2) I had misspelled Antje Duvekot's last name. That has been fixed as well. And now there's a link to her site. Go there. Many times. I'm hoping that she tracks stats and when she sees how much traffic I've sent her she will send me free cd's and tickets and offers to have my other love child and stuff...

3) I gave up waiting for her (for now) and just bought Boys, Flowers, Mileswith my precious spending money. I'll post a review as soon as it arrives and I absorb it into my psyche.

4) My new solution for the pokey nipple problem was right under my nose the entire time: disposable nursing pads. They're thin, they stay put, they disguise the true shape of my nipple unobtrusively, they're cheaper (and less ouchie) than breast petals, and (best of all for my over-active imagination's peace of mind) they will protect in case of spontaneous lactation for no reason at all. Let me know if you've tried this solution and how it worked for you before I go trying to make my fame with it. No need to embarrass myself further than I already have...

Posted by Trista @ 12:56 PM

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I told you about your sidebar.... don't I even get recognition?
I've never had a poky nipple problem, so i can't help you there babe. But i hope that it's all you dreamed of.
Oh, and we have about 500 of them if you want some. Like we're use disposable anything, what kind of gluttons do you think we are, huh?

On a funny note... I got my first ever REAL WORD word verification...
the word I will not be typing is.....

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 1:23 PM #

What happened to the SQUASH??
Not fair!
I was hoping you had retitled it "The Mutant Squash That Ate Our Blog" but no, you just got rid of the thing.
Geez. Our tax dollars at work.

Whoa... new word... ijioijdio
Hope I type it right... it's curvy and red

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 1:25 PM #

I swear to God I told you, too. I didn't tell you again because I didn't want to be a nag!

Posted by Blogger Jen @ 1:28 PM #

So i'm a bad reader...i noticed and didn't say anything. God i'm bad about that, toilet paper too. But i'm working on it, i promise!

We ripped our mutant squash/watermelon/pumpkin combo out too, and feel MUCH better about the clarity of our tidier fall crop.

Good luck with the nipples!

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 2:46 PM #

My grandmother reads my blog... I wish she didn't.
Just remember this... when your grandmother forgets the picture site of your son... but remembers that it contains your dogs' names... and googles (yes, my grandma googles) your DOGS' NAMES.... and you use your dogs' names for ALL of your internet handles... well...
so grandma found my blog.
I've googled myself. I never thought to google my dogs...
Oh, and I have a reader from Eau Claire that hits me about a dozen times a day and I think just leaves the window open because their "browse time" is like 3 hours a day... I have called out to that person before but they never answered... and I have a lot of family in Eau Claire...

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 5:31 PM #

How do you check IP addresses?

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 8:04 AM #

Um... It tells you?
On statcounter you have a ton of options... break it down by city, by IP, by length of time, by number of visits, by amount of body hair, etc. I just click on projects and then drill down to city/state and the drill again to IP addresses and it gives them to me.

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 10:19 AM #


I'm still confused. How do you check IP addresses and can you tell that I am wasting tax dollars at this very second? Can you send me the link?

I've used band-aids, and I've also used those flat cotton spongy things... I can't remember what they are called. But more than once, in a RT emergency, I've used band-aids.

Julia a is SUCH a doll. Did you eat the dangerous mutant squash in revenge?

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 10:29 AM #

ok go to sitemeter dot com and get one. It's free and it's a way to waste a great deal of govt time.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 12:54 PM #
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