So, go find your local school librarian and give that librarian a big hug

Today is Thank your School Librarian Day. As well as Culpe Libris day. Sieze the book! Thank your librarian!

So, to all of my readers who I know are librarians, and especially those who are school librarians, and to those of my readers who are working toward becoming librarians...

Thank you. You're awesome.

No, really, you are.

Even if I forgot to link you here or you don't have a blog to link to.

Posted by Trista @ 10:57 AM

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Incidentally, I was playing librarian today for one of my classes. A teacher and I were looking for resources to use for a project we are doing with her class about Elizabethan history. We came across an Elizabethan remedy/recipe for sexual desire. Its intended use was for single women and men, to keep them from fornicating and such. "If thy loins are too hot," it said, "rub essence of dogbane on thy thighs and do not lie in a soft feather bed."

Don't you just love books.

Posted by Blogger hd @ 11:33 AM #

Wow, hd - I wish my 4th grade research games had adult content for me to giggle over in my spare time!

Thanks for the hug, Trista! I am just about to send out an email to my colleagues to let them know that they need to be appreciating me today.

Posted by Anonymous bri @ 11:45 AM #

I'm waiting for Seize the Librarian Day, myself. *grin*

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 4:47 PM #

happy Librarian day to all!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 8:28 PM #

Happy School Librarian day - from another (non-school) librarian. :-)

Posted by Anonymous Anne @ 11:33 PM #
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