What I didn't tell you about last week

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Is that Lauri and Benji were AT MY HOUSE. ALL WEEK!

Lauri was in town to defend her amazing thesis. (Seriously, it is WAY GOOD!) And Benji was with her to support her. But really I think he only came with her so that he could meet Julia.

After some initial mistrust on Julia's part, Julia and Benji got on famously. They were so cute together. And, best of all, he actually played the pick up game with her! She loved that because her Mommies usually just take whatever she throws on the ground away. They certainly don't give it back to her time and time and time again so she can just throw it back on the floor.

The visit was wonderful. They actually played my new birthday game with us. And that's saying something, because except for Jennifer, we can't get anyone else to play it with us. Unfortunately, Benji kicked our butts, so I am forced to hate him now. That's the last time I let a lawyer play my game. Even though his lawyerness has nothing to do with his win. I need something to blame besides my own inadequacy.

But the pinnacle, the absolute pinnacle of their visit was when I was sitting in the living room on my laptop, and Lauri came upstairs with HER laptop. She plugged in her laptop and pulled up her web browser and said, "So, did you write anything on your blog today?" and I said, "Yup." and she said, "Oh, I better go read it then." and she did. She read my blog sitting next to me while we were both on separate computers, not talking to each other.

She told me that when I blogged about that story (and she knew I would) I should say that we were holding hands as she read my blog. And I said that she should have left me a comment while she was reading my blog while we were holding hands.

Anyway. It was a good visit. I miss them. Too bad there aren't beach houses in Iowa. Though a beach house without an accompanying beach would be a bit pointless, now that I think about it some. Maybe a cornfield house would be better. Does the wind through the corn sound a bit like waves on sand?

Posted by Trista @ 8:46 AM

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must confess to a good chuckle at the geek factor of her reading your blog sitting next to you.

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 9:49 AM #

The Pick Up Game!!! I love that one!

I am glad to hear the story behind the photo.

Posted by Blogger Amy @ 10:21 AM #

Never played that game. I would play it in May, and even let you win. Oh wait, you won't be coming.
Maybe a nice lakefront home in IA? That's nice.

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 10:50 AM #

We do have lakes. And their are beaches on them . . .

And -- the wind rushing through the corn sounds exactly like waves. But you have to hear it to believe it. So you should come, you know, to hear the corn and such.

Also, your peace loving ways lost you the game. No cannons. In Starship Battlefield, you have to be ready for those battles. You also didn't have enough trade rings, which don't really do anything, but do add a little bling to your mothership. And it's ALL about the mothership.

Posted by Anonymous lauri @ 8:46 PM #

So cool that you had your friends visiting on such a hard week, it's nice to have good company around when you are so burried re doing your house and stuff.

By the way, I was thinking on putting a ticker for my vacation and then I saw yours, so I put it anyway hahahaha but I put it on the spanish one ;)

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 10:33 PM #

Oh Lauri, lookie you. Miss I Don't Like to Pay Attention to the Rules So I'll Just Start Playing and then Complain Later When it Turns Out I Could Have Been Trading 2 Trade Goods for 1 Resource of My Choice All Along, talking trash about my strategy. I'll have you know that if you and Benji hadn't been there I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE WON!!!


Rematch when you come visit again?

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 8:36 AM #

Really? You would have won? Because I think you were in last place . . . .


Rematch on. Except this time, we need to cheat (all of us -- a nice community cheat, not the bad kind) at the beginning so that it doesn't take so LONG!!! You know I don't have that kind of attention span.

Posted by Anonymous lauri @ 9:13 AM #

As Lauri says, we do have lakes. But there's more to vacationing than lakes. Iowa is a beautiful place! Come visit anytime!

Posted by Blogger Blondie @ 10:25 AM #

There are beaches. Not their.

I'm so embarrassed.

Posted by Anonymous lauri @ 5:08 PM #
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