Photo Friday: Gone Fishin'

Plenty of Fish in the Sea
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.
This week's theme is "Get Your Snack On" and so, my friends, I was obliged to exhibit my stellar art skills once again to provide the perfect setting for these jewels of the snack world: Goldfish crackers.

But wait -- I know some of you are thinking -- some of those goldfish look a little... fishy.

Yes, you're right. They're Goldfish Grahams. Goldfish cinammon grahams. And they are the bomb. Kristin and I discovered them in a Pepperidge Farm Variety pack and fell instantly in love with their goofy smiles, their sense of humor, their cinamonny goodness. But we couldn't find them anywhere in the white paper bags that are Goldfish Crackers' natural habitat. We were forced to buy the variety pack over and over, eating Milanos and mini chocolate chip cookies just to be reunited with our fishy love. I even wrote to Pepperidge Farm, begging them to let me know if there was somewhere in the world I could buy just the Goldfish Grahams. They never replied to my impassioned plea. Kristin and I made a bargain with each other that no matter the lure of the fish, we would not buy the variety pack again. Too many Milanos, my friends, too many Milanos.

But then, friends, fate kissed us. Because after this theme was announced, and I was wailing at a cold, cruel universe that would give me the opportunity, but not the ability, to showcase my love, I stumbed across the holy grail of snack food. A box of little packets of Goldfish Cinammon Grahams and nothing else. It was expensive, and there were only 5 little packets in there (and, I should point out, those little packets were half the size of the packets in the Milano-infested variety pack) but I bought them and there was much rejoicing in the La Casa de Accidenta. (Sorry, Sublime, I know that my fake Spanish is TERRIBLE but it just sounds so good!) And now there is even a piece of fine art to commemorate the event.

Too bad I'm this week's judge and I'm too honorable to choose my own piece as the (clear) winner...

Posted by Trista @ 8:23 AM

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Yeah. Lucky you. Finding your true love. Wish that would happen to me. I'd even eat the milanos. Which would make no sense.

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 9:27 AM #

hahahahaha no prob Trista it really sounds cool! we like to play with our language in that way too, so you are ok and broke no rule.
I really dig that name: "La Casa de Accidenta" really cool :)

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 11:09 AM #

by the way... this has nothing to do with this post but go to this link and check out this boots.. aren't just like yours???


Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 11:50 AM #

I can't believe you finally found them!
I've got no joy when writing to companies asking them about products. The last people I wrote to were Hitachi in Australia asking them why they don't sell the Magic Wand here. They sent me a very blunt and not at all fun and horny response telling me that some of their products are not imported here. How boring! Don't they know how many they would sell? Idiots.

Posted by Blogger mermaidgrrrl @ 12:31 AM #

I LOVE your little fishy snacks picture - very creative!

Posted by Blogger Tamsin @ 8:16 AM #
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