Photo Friday: Spring

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Spring. The verb in the imperative. You are commanded. You will but have not yet. Not present. Not past. But soon.

Yeah, there are crocuses (croci?) but they're pretty battered by the recent storms. The full magnificence of spring is still a few weeks out.

But this is still an exciting time for me because the trees are visibly beginning to awaken. This picture captures the excitement of early spring for me because it has two of the three early spring harbingers in it... swelling buds and light in the morning (I took this picture before driving to the train station for work). The only one I didn't capture (but were I a better photographer I could have) is the swelling birdsong that grows stronger each morning as more and more birds arrive in their summer homes.

Outside my office, a few of the trees have pushed their first leaves outside the too-tight bonds of their buds. Swollen I am cheered by the thought that soon it will be warm enough for me to take my lunch outside and sit in shade.

Posted by Trista @ 8:23 AM

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i really love that 2nd picture--i guess Spring comes a little later there than here, but i bet it's beautiful nonetheless. :)

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 9:28 AM #

Great PICS. I am glad it is finally warming up. I can't wait until it gets even warmer. Then you guys can meet us at the park for friday night pic nics!!

P.S. I have left comments on some other posts, but they aren't showing up. Maybe I can't read the secret code very well.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:02 PM #

The second pic is awesome and you say I'm the one taking the awesome pics hahahaha.
You should come down to Merida (my city) where winter or any other sign of cold weather is hard to spot lol

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 6:35 PM #
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