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Sublime has ALSO marked one of my pics as a Flickr fave! Yay! Because I am a total whore for compliments. And I didn't even take that picture. But it is of me so I still feel complimented.

Gosh, I am feeling full of blogly wonder. I may deluge y'all with posts. And I think I may deluge the residents of the frog pond as well... we'll see how much time I get.

On another note: perhaps I should have been a little more specific when asking about your favorite of my posts from the last year. I ask because I'm applying for a corporate mom-blog writing position. That's right, I just may get to be paid for blogging! Maybe. They want to see three blog posts that showcase my writing skills and the way I can engage readers and draw them into a story. Funny is good, too, I'm sure. However, though absolutly hilarious, and I will be certain to include that post at the top of my "Best Hits" list, the one where I talk about the fact that I thought my wife was masturbating very loudly may not be the best post to bring to the attention of corporate-types. The posts I direct their attention toward do not necessarily have to relate to motherhood or Julia, but I'm thinking that they should not be discussing things that are all that controversial. But maybe I'm just being a pussy. Any further thoughts from y'all?

Finally, those who were interested in the Mix CD club need to join by the end of this weekend since I'm going to be closing the ranks so I know how many CDs to make. It this goes well, I'm thinking that after everyone in the club has had their turn I'll reopen the club to new members and we'll start again.

Posted by Trista @ 11:20 AM

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Of course I did, and I did it before I read the post!! how can't anyone not mark that pic as a favorite????? pleaseeee!!

About the posts, well if you take out the post we all loved (the controversial one) The one with the tap lessons pics is awesome and very well written :)

By the way... something funny is happening with your blog... all the posts are on the bottom of the page, right after "Wow, I can't believe you scrolled all the way down here!" at least I'm viewing it that way..

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 7:51 PM #
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