She loves me, she really loves me

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Every morning I drop Julia off at A's. Most evenings Kristin picks Julia up because she can get her much earlier than I can. Most days, by the time I get home, Kristin and Julia have already spent some exuberant greeting time and are getting ready to embark on the evening let's-all-pretend-that-this-is-a-bedtime-routine-and-that-if-we-do-it-just-like-this-every-night-Julia-will-actually-sleep-through-the-night routine.

I come home, toss my purse aside, throw my lunch bag in the general direction of the sink (that is, if I've remembered to bring it in from the car), and look around for my baby. I give her kisses, make obnoxious noises at her, sometimes pick her up and make her do a little dance, jostle her, annoy her, and basically do everthing I can to make her laugh. I'm trying to fit an entire day's worth of exuberant interaction into the short time I have before we begin the above-mentioned routine where we're trying to mellow out and induce peaceful slumber-type leanings.

Sometimes when I come home other things intrude upon this time, things like: depression; dissatisfaction with my job; my volunteer work; or a sense of impending doom from a million things undone, unplanned, neglected, pushed off. On these days, our roles reverse, and it's Julia doing everything she can to annoy me, distract me, capture my attention, make me laugh. She blows raspberries, coos, babbles, screetches, makes a bub, bub, bub sound by flipping her lips with her fingers. She throws her body towards me as I walk by where ever she is -- even if she's in her other mom's arms and that other mom is doing everything she can to draw Julia's attention herself. I can't resist this kind of assault and cave, abandoning my bad mood/preoccupation/ranting/pacing/dish washing to give in to her requests and pick her up and give her kisses and let her pull my hair and poke my eyes and strangle me with my necklace (I have got to take my necklace OFF!) and pinch my lips and smear my glasses and give me kisses which turn into trying to bite me.

How can stay in a bad/anxious mood under an assault like that?

Well, I can, because sometimes I am just that stubborn, but it's really really hard.

Posted by Trista @ 10:40 AM

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I can hardly wait to be assaulted like that.

Posted by Blogger hd @ 12:49 PM #

That's her way to tell you that she loves and misses you :)

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 2:38 PM #

I'm melting!

Jill does that to Noah when she comes home, and it's adorable to watch. (Although sometimes annoying, if he was fussy and I've gotten him calmed down.)

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 3:59 PM #

Isn't it impossible to resist those little things?
Charlie is the king of making me stop what I am doing to love on him.

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 9:08 AM #

It's the BEST. My worst moods do still trump the cuteness though.

And LM can TALK now so he sees me and says "mom-EE, mom-EEEE, mom-EEEEE," then looks at S. and says "mama, mama, maaama." It's out of control.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 9:42 PM #

Can't wait for that kind of an assault either. Too cute.

Posted by Blogger M. @ 9:01 AM #

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