A freakin' miracle

Last night, at the final moment, reason and compassion prevailed over bigotry and hatred and rhetoric in Utah.

Governor Huntsman vetoed HB 148.


I may have to rethink my blanket distrust of Republican motives.

Wendy called at 10:09 PM last night to let us know. Of course, we were asleep. But her triumphant voice filtered into my dreams. I woke up in an amazing mood having dreamt that the bill had been vetoed and pressed play on the answering maching to find out that it was true.

This gives my family at least one more year of status quo (neither better nor worse in our rights than we were last year) before they try again next legislative session (and, they will try again). But this also gives Keri Jones a real chance at a positive outcome from the Utah Supreme Court.

I'd like to thank everyone who called, but particularly my father, who dared to talk politics in his office and convinced several co-workers to call on my behalf.

I'm off to write a thank you letter to the Governor.

Posted by Trista @ 8:12 AM

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Wow! What a great day. For a whole day, I will believe that all our calls and emails and letters meant something. It's a strange feeling--that you have a political voice.

Posted by Blogger Nik @ 8:54 AM #

Great Trista! I'm happy that one worked out!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 10:04 AM #


Posted by Anonymous Lauri @ 11:47 AM #

Woohoo for surprising votes from republicans! I was totally floored by my state senator's about-face on the anti-marriage bill in Massachusetts. He voted for it the first session but against it in the second session (where it failed). Even though many conservatives here voted against it the second time in favor of a new and harsher proposal that is coming up, he publicly said he voted against it because he changed his mind. I wrote him two letters and called his office twice throughout the process- when the aide told me about his decision the second time I was just sputtering and thanking his profusely- not exactly eloquent, but I think it got the point across. The only thing any republican has done that I have ever been happy about- until now, of course. Yay for Sen. Knapik of Massachusetts and Governor Huntsman of Utah! -Kate-

Posted by Blogger starevelina @ 12:08 PM #

it is so great isn't it. i will have to admit that i didn't have much faith that it would get vetoed, but it did and I am so happy. it gives me hope that things could get better some day.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:07 PM #

I had a LOT of faith it would get vetoed, and I'm glad I'm not all pissed and disappointed today.

Yes, they will try again.

But we have now demonstrated that reason and (uh) the *Constitution* of this state still matters.

Hooray hooray.


Posted by Blogger breather @ 3:15 PM #

As much as I think that maybe the Republicans who oppose such bills have something to hide, I'd like to think that there are more people who are kind and believe in the human family, not in terms of one-man-one-woman and all that.

Congratulations on living in enlightened Utah. And it's not often you hear someone say that.

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 5:56 PM #

Wonderful news! Let's hope it is the beginning of a trend.

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 6:22 PM #

Sorry I woke you up. Some people have nothing else to do but watch TV, and their internal clocks are so screwed up, Noon seems a good time to sleep.

Anyway, when I heard that I was SO excited and I called the people whom I wanted to know this first, you gals.

I talked to my mom, who is not a friend to gay marraige, about the bill, and I got HER to call the gov's office. With her, I phrased it about how children will get robbed of people who have been important in their lives ie step parents and grand parents, but she still called.

Anyway, Huntsman's stock went up in my book. I had really liked Olene, but I bet she would have signed this. I'm glad we have a gov who can stand up and do the right thing, and think for himself.

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 2:10 PM #

Awesome! The only reason our GLBT non-descrimination bill passed this year (after 30 years up in the legislature) was because one moderate Republican went against his party and voted to support us. Gotta love him.

Posted by Blogger M. @ 9:58 AM #
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