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beyond the far bounds of good taste would it have been for me to post a pic of Julia's first poopie in the potty?

That far, huh? Well good thing I didn't. I guess that's a picture for the mantel only. (yes, I did take one. I am a bad, bad mommie)

Oh, yes! You heard me right! Julia's first poopie in the potty! I was giving her a bath when she started making the "poopie face" and I noticed some Prairie Doggin' going on down there. So I whipped her out of the tub and put her on the toilet. She looked a little concerned at the change in venue, and nearly started crying, but I just encouraged her to keep on poopin' on and that just what she did.

I gotta tell y'all. Wiping after that was a lot easier than changing a poopie diaper. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed so hard at the whole "elimination communication" idea.

And no, this isn't a picture of her during the prairie doggin' stage. But rather of her right after I put her back in the tub.

I think she looks more than a little self-satisfied, don't you?

Though her hair does make her look a little like a kewpie doll...

Posted by Trista @ 1:18 PM

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Cool! she is learning to poop on other place than the diper :P

By the way... what is a mantel?

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 8:05 PM #

Hey nice one. Cam did that once too, but hasn't done it since. Darnet!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:50 PM #

Haha nice! It sounds like it's a good time to get her this bedtime book:


Posted by Blogger StateShift @ 4:25 PM #

Oh my goodness gracious. You HAVE to post that picture. Who cares? I want to see some first poop in the pottie! It's just poo, albeit super special momentous poo... Oh! I want I want I want to see that picture!

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 10:46 AM #
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