Friday I came home from work and went to my mailbox and discovered that my $20k piece of paper had finally arrived. It was in a heavy cardboard envelope that read "DO NOT BEND" and bent fully in half and shoved in my mailbox. Inside, my diploma was creased in 2 places. I cried, I gnashed my teeth, I thought about calling the University again but since this is the second one they've sent me (mysteriously the first one they sent in December never arrived -- I think my mailperson hates me) I decided against it. Kristin suggested that I iron it, and that did take out one of the creases.

Frankly, I think it's the perfect end to my Master's Journey: blemished by things beyond my control. Heck, at least the woman who, through her incompetence, kept me from graduating when I expected to was fired recently. Score one for justice.

On another note, you know that you're
a) Married
b) with infant
c) it's been a while
when you think the phrase "she's sleeping, we better get busy" is a HUGE turn on.

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm the kind of person who thinks that's an A1 pick-up line regardless of the circumstances. What can I say? I'm easy (and a dork).

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