Ok, I did it. I made a Yahoo group. It's a private group, so I need to approve you to get in. Not that I'm trying to be exclusive, or anything, it's just that addresses and stuff will be flying about and I wanted them to be safe. If you want to join and I know who you are I'm going to let you in, so no worries there. If you want in and I don't know who you are, then let me know how much you love me and what a loyal reader of this blog you are and I'll probably still let you in.

But do it soon, because we need to get started!

alt="Click here to join crazymixedup">
Click to join crazymixedup

Posted by Trista @ 10:26 AM

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I'm the fiest one in! I just joined the group!
I'm so exited!!!!!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 12:24 PM #
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