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don't think that my manifesto below is any indication that I cling to a persecuted status or that I would work toward "ghettoization" of gays because that would be fun and safe (though it would be fabulous) or that I think that I necessarily have anything in common with other gay people (other than our persecuted status) just because we're all gay together. Or that I automatically like gay people over straight people. Or that I think all straight people should be gay. Or any of the other half-assed ideas some people could draw from what I wrote below.

Posted by Trista @ 10:18 AM

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Since I've been reading your blog, I've found you to be an intelligent, interesting, passionate person. You're somebody I like, and nothing you've written has given me the impression that you like only gay people. I see your gay-ness as a part of you, and without that you'd be someone altogether different.

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 12:38 PM #

Wow, I missed out on a lot of blogging over my Christmas vacation!

You are not going to pass off your poor hygiene habits to Julia, are you?

Hope ya'll had a great Christmas.


P.S. I noticed that you have been rather quiet regarding the 75 mile biking excursion in May... Don't you want to play?!?

Posted by Blogger Kiker @ 8:45 AM #
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