Indications toward reasons I haven't posted much this week

Or commented as much or as fully on others' blogs...

1) I have to get up at 6 am in order to get completely dressed (yes, even bra and socks and jewelry) and catch the train for my new job.

2) I get home at 5 and must must must hold my baby for long snuggling minutes

3) I am paranoid that the IT guy at work is sitting in his office monitoring my computer screen

4) When I do have a free moment at work (away from all the very important filing and sorting and telephone answering that I do) I am feverishly working on perfecting my manuscript

5) Though I am capable of typing with one hand, I'm slow at it and it frustrates me

6) Kristin and I are trying to catch up on Queer as Folk season 4 while we're feeding the beautiful bottomless pit that is our baby

7) I am spending what miniscule free time I have trying to wrap up the non-profit I used to work for in a pretty red bow so it will be ready to come out and play as soon as we find money for it. This involves math.

8) And spreadsheets.

9) Julia hates math and spreadsheets. She refuses to stop wriggling long enough for me to do them one-handed.


10) Currently, I have baby vomit running down inside my collar and between my breasts. This is not comfortable, and I think I will stop posting now and shower.

Posted by Trista @ 5:51 PM

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While i do miss the regular entries, i for one completely understand your priorities right now. If we had our baby already, i'd be doing less blogging too. :)

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 7:32 AM #

I have friends making similar adjustments with new babies in their lives. Gotta say, your post made me think of them and chuckle a bit ... just at the craziness of it all, you know?


Posted by Blogger G @ 7:44 AM #
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