Finally, news

Kristin's x-sister-in-law finally emailed to let us know that she and Kristin's niece are ok and in Florida. We don't know where in Florida as her email was very brief and the number she left is not working. But at least they're ok and out of the New Orleans area. She didn't mention her youngest daughter, but we're hoping that's just because she didn't think we would be so concerned about her daughter who is not our niece. She is wrong about that, so we're hoping to hear back and hear that everyone is fine not just our niece.

Here's hoping for many more happy endings for many more worried families.

Posted by Trista @ 6:09 PM

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i'm so glad your family is ok...we can only hope that more and more families receive this good news as the days pass. :)

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 7:54 AM #
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