Things I have learned to do with only one hand

1) pee
2) wipe
3) wash my hands
4) read while eating
5) make a bottle starting with a dirty bottle and powder
6) clean the house
7) hand grate cheese
8) bathe
9) fend off 2 exuberant dogs
10) replace a carburetor (not really, but I'm certain I could if I had to)
11) set up the Baby Einstein play mat
12) fumble for the digital camera and take really blurry close-ups


one thing I haven't figured out how to do with only one hand...

Tyupe withpout typos.

Here is another cute picture because I still haven't figured out how to stick pictures in the sidebar without first putting them in a post.

Posted by Trista @ 3:28 PM

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i LOVE seeing these pictures! i will tell you though, that in order to sidebar the pictures, you have to go into 'settings' then 'template' and use html language...Good luck!

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 7:56 AM #

Oh my god she's beautiful!
And good work with the typing and the one-hand clapping. thank god these babies are light. What happen when they're heavy enough to need both hands? Or can they walk by then? Or at least hang on like monkeys? That's what I need. A baby monkey. I bet you can do lots with a baby monkey.

(p.s. glad to see you had to do the word verification thing too.)

Posted by Blogger Nik @ 1:32 PM #

You know, I had been secretly hoping for an orangutang...

Zoe's pretty stunningly good looking herself. Both she and Julia would give the hand-walking freak in Atlantic City a run for her money. (gratuitous Beaches reference there just to prove to everyone how strangely out-dated I am.)

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 9:31 PM #
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