The gift of the avocado

Kristin's mom was visiting for most of last week. On her last night in town, she wanted to go to Sizzler, so we obliged. When she got up for her third trip to the buffet, she grabbed her hip and I heard her mutter something about an avocado in her pocket. I said to Kristin:

"Did she just say she forgot about the avocado in her pocket?"

"Yeah. She must have forgotten about it for a minute."

"Why does she have an avocado in her pocket?"

"She stole it from the buffet."

"You mean she stole one of the decorative avocados from the borders of the buffet? The decorative ones? The ones only there for decoration? Are they real?"

"Yeah, I guess they are. She says they are, anyway. I guess she wanted one for later."

"But, why?"

"I don't know why. She just put it in her pocket."

The next morning Kristin took her to the airport early while I watched Julia. When I went to the kitchen, I saw, sitting on the counter, an avocado.

How sweet, I guess she stole it for us.

Looks like we'll be having ourselves some deluxe salads tonight.

Posted by Trista @ 4:08 PM

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i wish someone would steal ME an avocado! Buying them at the grocery store isn't nearly as fun... :)

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 3:01 PM #

My sister in law lives by the motto..."If they put it on the table, you can keep it" She always keeps a ziploc bag in her purse ready to fill with half and half and butters.

I laughed at her, til my best friend reminded me of the time a smuggled a baby pineapple out of a formal party in my cleavage.

Posted by Blogger Martha @ 12:34 PM #
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