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YAY for cotton candy!
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It turns out Julia LOVES the circus. We were skeptical when Merr said she wanted us all to go to the circus. We thought Julia would be too young to appreciate the show. But, my god, I'm not sure if it was all the cotton candy she ate, or the snow cone, or the fact that she had unimpeded access to a bucket of popcorn, but she loved, loved, loved the circus. Loved it.

When Julia gets excited she opens and closes her hands really fast. It's like her excitement is too much for her body and she must distribute it through her hands. When the circus started she started squealing and those hands started going and her eyes were so wide!

Her favorite acts were the flying acrobats. We were in the perfect seats to see them and she loved the way they hung upside down and flew through the air and tumbled in their shiny costumes right in front of her. She didn't really care for the clowns, or the trained animals, or the strong man. But that acrobatic troupe...

I was disappointed that there were no tightrope walkers, for flying trapeze. Though they did have those people who hang from a rope from the ceiling, and I think they're beautiful.

But in the end, two hours of circus (not to mention the sugar crash) were too much for Julia. She managed to fall asleep during the final act -- 7 motorcycles in the cage of death -- and slept all through the rousing finale.

After I put her to bed, Kristin and I had pangs of Terrible Motherhood. We realized that we had fed our child cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones for dinner and that was it. Sigh. Good thing the circus comes to town only once a year...

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We had a way fun time too. We felt bad for all the sugar too, but then we got home and gave Cam a bowl of sugar cereal, so what can you do. Sorry we had to jet out so fast. We didn't want to have to wait for another train!

Posted by Blogger Merr @ 1:29 PM #

what do you mean? that sounds like a very good dinner.
cotton candy= air
popcorn= air/fire/earth (you know, 'cause corn grows in the ground...um)
snow cone= water

it just depends on how you look at things.

That photo of Julia is cuuuuuuuuuute!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 1:53 PM #
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