Well, at least they gave me a cookie

Mid-cycle scan this morning. It's CD14. My doctor said that I should expect to ovulate on day 15, we were hoping that there would be at least one large, ready-to-go follicle.


Three follicles on the left ovary all less than 1cm. Two or three follicles on the right ovary, again, all less than 1cm. Each ovary also had a large follicle that was shrinking. Waning. Surrounded by some loose fluid. In other words, I had two follicles that looked as if they had already ovulated some time in the past. The technician was unable to tell me how long ago. They could even have been from last month. They could have burst last night. There could be eggs floating around me now or the egg could have died -- unloved, unacknowledged -- long ago.

But I never got a positive opk, I never got fertile mucus, I didn't experience mittelschmerze or however you spell that, and though my cervix did open some over the weekend, it never softened. I had some tentative ovulation signs, but nothing definite. Apparently my body and I are not on speaking terms.

We nearly inseminated last night, but decided (since I had been told that I most likely wouldn't ovulate until Thursday) to wait to see if there were even any viable follicles. Because for me it's too hard to inseminate and then find out that there was no chance at a pregnancy anyway. So now I'm wavering from kicking myself for not going ahead with the insemination last night and wondering how long an egg can live unfertilized trying to decide if it's worth it to attack our donor with a plastic cup as soon as he gets off work this afternoon. Regardless of which course of action we take, it looks as though this month is another bust. But I'm still waiting for a call from my doctor to get her opinion on the subject.

In other pelvic news, my uterus us retroverted, my ovaries are more on top of the uterus than out to the sides, my lining looks nice and plush, and the technician spent a great deal of time looking at something that resembled the milky way inside the cavity of my uterus. I like to think it's because there's a universe of possibility in there -- it being the cradle of life and all -- since the technician didn't tell me what those things could be. At least she didn't gasp in horror, look at me with wide eyes, and then oh-so-casually ask me if all my affairs were in order.

I'm not sure what to do here. I'm hoping my doctor can shed some light on the subject. At this point I'm wondering if I need to kidnap our donor and force him to romance a cup every night for the first two weeks of my cycle. Of course, there's always the more direct approach. But I'm pretty sure that my barking, "On your back, Sperm Boy!" before ravishing him will only work once, maybe twice before he gets resentful. And no telling what his girlfriend will think of that turn of events. Plus, well, um, yeah. I'm not such a fan of the penis.

All I can say is that I'm glad we're using fresh, and that it's copious and free. And that our donor is such an easy-going guy.

Posted by Trista @ 9:23 AM

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Dang sorry about that!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:07 PM #

Jeeez. Hopefully you will get more info from the ultrasound tech, and your doc, but unfortunately I wonder whether TTCers and your own fabulous brain and knowlegde of your body have more info than western doctors.

Praise the lord that you have free sperm. Have you had all the hormone tests? I assume so. I love the "there's a universe of possibility in there." You seem to be handling this all pretty well.

Also, I get that it sucks to inseminate and later find out that you did not ovulate, but it might suck worse to find out that you did ovulate and did not inseminate. :)

How are y'all doing as a couple? Taking any dates?

SI am thinking of you both.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 1:41 PM #

cripes! How frustrating!!! I hope the RE/doc will have some insight as I am scratching my head over here.
dude- where are your follies??

Sorry for another missed cycle.

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 2:04 PM #

Bummer! That is indeed most confusing, as the rest of the signs indicate that you haven't yet ovulated. Are you going to go back in for a further scan in a couple of days, to see if the existing follies grow any more - maybe you'll just ovulate late!
Have you got a chart link anywhere/ what's the ov pattern been so far?

Posted by Blogger Tamsin @ 4:15 AM #

Trista, I hope it's OK that I've linked to your blog on mine?

Posted by Blogger Tamsin @ 4:48 AM #

Yay, Tamsin, bout time you got a blog!

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 8:27 AM #
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