Photo Friday: Plim to the co

Plimco is da bomb!
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.
Well, the visit with Plimco is over. It was a lot of fun. If Plimco ever writes you and asks to crash at your house, you should definitely let her. Especially if you have a baby. Plimco is great with babies and kids. Julia completely adored her and is all sad now that she's gone. Or, Julia will be sad once she realizes that Plimco is gone. Because I'm sure that Julia just thinks that Plimco has gone to the store or someplace to get her a cookie and will be back.

I was not successfull in lying about making samosas (you are so right there Lauri, I am a terrible liar!) mostly because I didn't get to the restaurant and thus had to bake frozen samosas right in front of Plimco as I cooked the rest of the dinner. So, she saw me take them out of the package and place them on the cookie sheet. I thought briefly about claiming that I had made them in advance... and then just happened to place them in a commercial samosa bag in an effort to recycle... but the words stuck in my craw and wouldn't come out. So she knows that I am the kind of person who would offer to cook indian food and then serve my guest frozen samosas. I am deeply ashamed of myself.

The saag paneer turned out well, though. So I guess I'm partially redeemed.

So, any of you other bloggers out there... if you make it to my corner of the world, I will let you sleep in my basement, shower in my gigantic shower, and serve you frozen-but-reheated foods of your choice. And I'll even let you hold my baby. But only if you smell good.

Stinky people do not get to hold my baby. It's a rule.

Posted by Trista @ 9:28 AM

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that photo is so cute!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 12:26 PM #

What if we showed up stinky but showered first?

Posted by Blogger hope @ 1:36 PM #

well, as long as you showered first... I can excuse travel-stink.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 2:51 PM #

I love how this photo captures the essence of road burn. The brown freckled left driving arm baking in the sun all day from Colorado to Utah... The pudgy alabaster leg... Hot.


I can't believe I let you post that...

Wish you could see more of the cowboy boots.

Trista requested that I wear my cowboy boots when I came to visit... So I did.

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 9:14 AM #
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