"I guess she was born that way"

This is my entry for the Scheherazade Project. I think it's cheating a little, since I wrote this some time ago. I was going to write a story about a kid with butterfly wings... but...

So here's this. I have tried and tried to figure out a way to get the formatting on this thing right. No go. So I've tweaked it for web viewing -- this is not how it really looks. It looks much cooler laid out correctly.

On the good news front, I dreamt of a poem Saturday night. I saw myself writing it, I was whispering it aloud as I wrote, as I often do, and I had shivers it was so good. Can I remember the poem now? Of course not. But this is a good sign. It means that something's on its way through.

How do you know when the muse is approaching?

from No Normal Love (A Sci-Fi Lesbian Pirate Bodice-Ripper)

Part the Twelfth

In Which Our Heroine Discovers She Isn't Exactly Ordinary

Katine wakes in a shaft of light, looks
for The Pirate, locates her by
the gleam of her three gold teeth.
The Pirate is smiling at Katine, smiling
at the crescents of her body.
This from The Pirate: You remind me of your father.
This from Katine: You keep saying you knew him. Now I've paid you. Tell Me.
He's a spider Monkey.
You mean he was good at climbing?
No, I mean he's a monkey -- first genetic cross between Homo and Ateles.
That explains why I am so very fond of apples...
He and my mother'er very close. When I was small, I caught them --
I always wondered why I had a tail.

Katine's tail moves to pull the coverlet
up her body. The Pirate catches
its tip in her fist, squeezes and pulls
Let me show you what this is good for
(her words spark gold)

Posted by Trista @ 9:29 AM

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ooo! I swear I feel that pinch on my phantom tail. Gives me chill bumps... ouch.

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 10:49 AM #

A Sci-Fi Lesbian Pirate Bodice-Ripper

damn I love the way your mind works!
Can't wait for the poem to find you again.

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 7:50 AM #

Cool. Reminds me of Tom Robbin's latest book, Villa Incognito, and the tanukis/Tanuki. And like plimco, made me more aware of my phantom tail!

Posted by Blogger the Contrary Goddess @ 11:02 AM #

Wow!! Where this is going now?.. ;-))

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:27 PM #
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