I've been thinking...

New hair color
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.
First off, look at my new hair color! Kristin came home with a box of color and said that she thought I'd look good with that color and would I use it... so I did. At first it was so dark that I wasn't sure I liked it, but now it's grown on me... and the best thing was that I didn't put it on very well, so the color is all streaky and looks like it has highlights and stuff in it.

closeup of new color

But I digress. That's not what I've been thinking about.

I was talking on the phone to a lovely blogger lady. And we were talking about how jealous we were of the NYC bloggers and how they get to meet each other and hang out and bump into each other at Trader Joe's and stuff and nonsense. We hate them. We hate them and their large city that all the cool people live in.

No. I'm lying. We love them. We just wish that we could do the same thing. Meet all our favorite bloggers and sit around and hang out and eat and drink and dish. We mused that someone should win the lottery and pay for a big blogger bash.

But what I was thinking was this: why do we have to wait so long? Why can't we organize something now?

Ok, so I'm not thinking that next weekend we should all fly to Key Largo. But what about planning something for this next year? Say, January? The tricky thing about timing would be who wants to attend and if they're pregnant and when their due date is. So I'm way open with timing here. But it needs to be far enough out that I can save up my pennies.

What I'm thinking is this: those of us who want to all fly someplace on one weekend. I was thinking Vegas because flights to Vegas are usually cheap. But it would depend on who wanted to come. If someone wanted to open their house for everyone to crash that would also be a good idea. Ideally, you would all come to MY house! I have a lot of room and a big shower. I have 3 spare beds plus a couch and loveseat and a hammock. I would lovingly reheat frozen foods for everyone and we would sit around and drink and talk and squeal. If people came in the winter then people who liked to ski and/or snowboard could go do so. I'm pretty close to several ski slopes. Those of us who don't ski could sit around and drink hot chocolate and roast marshmellows over my 1950's gas log with the carcinogenic sparkles. It would be great!

Or we could have this thing somewhere else. Anyone want to volunteer their house? Anybody like the idea of Vegas? Are there any other cities that have regular cheap flights?

Anyone interested in creating our own little mini blogher? Email me or comment...

Posted by Trista @ 9:10 AM

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That would be incredible, Trista. I'm jealous, too, that the NYC bloggers and some of the FL bloggers have met. I feel all alone in IA!

January, however, may be difficult. By then, we should be licensed foster parents, and we might be waiting on a kiddo!

But I'll envy y'all from afar.

Posted by Blogger Blondie @ 10:26 AM #

I like this idea, and S and I have wanted to do Vegas for a while!

Posted by Blogger J @ 11:03 AM #

I've always wanted to go to Vegas and also fear of doing it because I have an issue with gambling, I DO it a LOT hahahaha.

I wish I could go, nothing would make me happier than meet all my favorite bloggers, specially you!!
but you know is not cheap for me... international flights are very expensive around here :-(

let's hope I can do it

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 11:09 AM #

We should go to Mexico!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:32 PM #

We will probably never be able to afford that, but I really like your hair. That first picture of you looks really good!!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:09 PM #

I'm game for anything and I can afford Vegas. I would consider visiting anyone anywhere and probably would do so if everyone else was, but to be perfectly frank and honest (and would you expect anything less), I really don't want to go to some of your mean, bad, politically backward states. I don't want my airfare to pay so much as a penny to your airports, even. So I would prefer somewhere ridiculous like Vegas.

I am (hopefully) unavailable February through June. : )

I'm not sure it's a party without Blondie and Tex. Maybe we have to move it earlier, then. Or later. I am still into planning a cruise for next summer with babies in tow.

Posted by Anonymous bri @ 2:09 PM #

I didn't mean to imply that New York was somehow perfect in its politics. We all know that is very much not the case.

Posted by Anonymous bri @ 2:10 PM #

Picture this: a HUGE, GIANT winnebago- traveling across the nation...

ok, gas prices, never mind...

But I SO wish we could all have at least a weekend somewhere together. Beyond the vagina talk and the ttc talk, there really does seem to be connective roots between us. Some sort of "I get her" vibe.

I'm down with Vegas & a cruise. But of course need time to save pennies as well.

& your hair? LOVE IT!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 2:26 PM #

Love, love, LOVE the hair. Very, very cute.

Never been to Vegas, never been anywhere really, as that takes a wee bit of money. Would sooo love to meet some of you; how would y'all feel about visiting Vacationland? Ah, but I just don't have enough beds...

Posted by Blogger Brooke @ 2:48 PM #

Ooooooh. Winnebaaaaaaagoooooo. Love that idea. Maybe when we're all old and winnebagos run on banana peels.

So far no one has volunteered to open their house. Vegas is looking like a possibility though wouldn't it be great if we could follow through on Kristin's idea and all go see Sublime in Mexico?

Timing...timing... timing... that's the hard one. Yes to wanting Blondie and Tex there. But Kristin and I have a Hawaii vacation that we've committed to with some friends and we need to be sure that we have the money to pay for that... and next summer I hope to be enciente... So I think it's going to have to be this winter or next fall. Maybe in the break after Christmas before New Year's does Vegas get impossibly expensive at that time of year? Anybody a wiz with plane ticket pricing? Are there any other cities that have regularly cheaper tickets? I'm thinking that depending on how many people can come we get a suite or two at a hotel and share costs.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 4:11 PM #

This is a great idea. I'm out of commission from November through March, though.

Posted by Blogger hd @ 5:12 PM #

looks like we all have to get web cams

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 6:05 PM #


Think about it, Mexico is very cheap for north americans :-P

And you hair look amazing by the way.. I commented on flickr earlier...

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 7:05 PM #

I'm such a bad blogger. I forgot to compliment the awesome hair!! Mea culpa!

As for opening a house, if anyone EVER wants to visit our corner of the world, we'd be happy to host!! Not that Iowa is a hotbed of tourist activities (we're a short drive away from the Field of Dreams site), but the invite is always there!

Posted by Blogger Blondie @ 7:34 PM #

As one of those NYC bloggers, (who sadly missed the last get together, as we were on vacation - boo hoo!)

I recommend - NYC! That way, y'all come to us, stay at our different apartments, we hang out in central park playgrounds, and drink margaritas all night!

Oh yeah, baby - sounds groovey to me!

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 9:09 PM #

sorry, forgot to mention our house is open!

We can put a family with a baby in Malka's room, put Malka in the pak and play in our room, and put someone on the sofa.

And yeah, SASSY hair - LOVE IT!

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 9:10 PM #

I priced NYC-Vegas for that week you mentioned and it's sort of costly - probably $400 just for the flight. It might be even more so for others, since it's easy to find flights from here.

Really, I can't even come then because my best friend is due Jan 8 and I want to be able to hop over to her if she's a bit early.

The cruise idea next summer would be cheaper than anything around the holidays, I bet. And you (and others) could totally go enceinte.

Posted by Anonymous bri @ 8:28 AM #

Well, really, I am realizing, the cruise idea is only a better deal for single travellers. It could be more expensive for couples because you pay per person on the ship instead of per room like in a hotel.

I can't price flights for next August yet, but flights from NYC to FL next June are under $200. The cruise would be roughly $400 per person for a 4 night. So it could get too high for families pretty fast. That said, sometimes I can work with travel agents to get prices down so if time goes on and there's interest, I can always try to work some magic.

Let's see... any other times this Fall... other than Thanksgiving, it's not so open.

I also have a spare room most of the time that could house a family. And a couch for one. Come on out to NYC!

Posted by Anonymous bri @ 8:35 AM #

You know, I'm really liking the cruise idea... Kristin wanted to go on a cruise right after Julia was born. Do babies count as people for pricing purposes? I'd really like HD to be able to come if she'd like to, so I'm beginning to think that something next summer/fall would be best.

Though I may take you New Yorkers up on your offers before then as Kristin and Julia and I can fly to New York (well, Newark) for nearly nothing.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 8:47 AM #

I love your new hair!

I've noticed that with wedding-type events, airlines will often do a group discount of 5% or a little more. If we plan this in advance, we could probably get one of the airlines to work with us like that.

That said, I love the idea of this, and am feeling very cash strapped at the moment. So we would try to go, whenever/wherever, but if I committed to going today, I'd get in big trouble with Jill.

Maybe there are some semi-off-season inclusive resort type places that would offer cheap accommodations for a group weekend trip? In Vegas or elsewhere. Normally I'd be all about the political test, but since nearly everywhere sucks these days, that pretty much leaves us with MA and VT, right? Not that they aren't lovely places to visit.

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 8:52 AM #

Based on Malka's latest plane ride (UGH) I can ONLY imagine a plane full of lesbians with screaming babies! hahahahah :) :) :)

Sounds like too much fun.

What about an Olivia Cruise, or an R family vacation?

Also, always groovin on the NYC thang...

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 9:00 AM #

Ooh! An R Family Vacation would be a BLAST!!! I can just imagine it!

Posted by Blogger Blondie @ 8:58 AM #

I like your way of thinking! NYC or Iowa or next fall would be good for us, due to wedding expenses and possible ttc-ing this year. Massachusetts is really beautiful in October, too! Along the lines of a cruise, J and I really wanted to take an Olivia cruise for our honeymoon, but decided we might try it for an anniversary trip next year (September)- they offer great 2-for-1 deals when it gets close to the date, so long as you sign up for the catalogue...

Posted by Blogger starevelina @ 11:26 AM #

I'll go along with the crowd if need be, but I would hate to stray from my Royal Caribbean loyalties. They have rock climbing walls, you know. And I get credit toward some sort of elite status every time I go. And while all the non-lesbians among us are obviously honorary or past lesbians as well (counting myself), perhaps on a more mixed cruise we could get the unattached straighties drunk and try to match make with lewd young men. I'm awful, I know.

Posted by Anonymous bri @ 2:42 PM #
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