You're Ovulating, You're Ovulating Not, You're Ovulating...

I finally got a hold of my doctor yesterday. It's her opinion that I will ovulate this cycle, just later than she had estimated. She thinks Ill ovulate Saturday or Sunday, so I'm to continue peeing on sticks and we'll see. I'll get a serum progesterone test next Thursday if I don't get an LH surge between now and then, and if I do get a surge then I'll get the test 7 days after the surge.

Tamsin (look! she has a blog now!) wondered if I could get another ultrasound in a few days to see if the follicles are growing. I think the main difference between seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) and seeing a regular Gynocologist who happens to specialize in fertility issues is that REs seem to hand out ultrasounds like candy, whereas Gyns (or at least the practice I'm at) uses them far more conservatively. So, no. No secondary ultrasound for me this cycle. It's all pee and mucus and sex drive from here on out.

Reasons 7694-6 We Love Our Donor

7694) Kristin, Julia, and I went to a party N was hosting. An acquaintance that we haven't seen since before Julia was born appeared. After greeting him, I told him he should meet Julia. I took him into the room where N was holding Julia. The acquaintance walked up to N and said, "So, wow! This is your daughter!" (notice that it's not a question, but a statement). N didn't lose a beat. "No. This is Trista and Kristin's daughter." (also a statement, and one which didn't allow any argument or explanation)

7695) We took N out to dinner last night. At dinner we filled him in with everything that had gone on at the morning's ultrasound. We told him that though we had thought to inseminate after dinner, given the news, we should probably wait. His answer? "I'm here anyway, I think we should go ahead if there's even the smallest chance it could work."

7696) After Kristin took N home she came in to where I was, on the bed, with my legs up in the air. "N is determined to get you pregnant as soon as possible." "Why?" I asked, "is he wanting to prove his potency?" "Not at all. He was telling me that he feels so bad that the clomid is so harsh on you and your moods, that we should do everything we can to get you pregnant as soon as possible so you can stop taking the clomid. He's willing to donate every day if it would help, and he thinks that maybe next month we should inseminate a couple times during the week after your period, and then as much as possible until we know for sure you've ovulated."

My Baby is Turning 1 Tomorrow

A year ago today we were sitting at home watching Kristin's bps rise and I was making enchiladas to freeze for the post-partum period. Today there's no sitting around, period. Oh and you can forget about having the time to make and freeze food ahead of time...

My God, Julia turns 1 TOMORROW!!

Funny, That

You know how I said that I was worried about talking about trying to get pregnant on this blog because I'm a contract worker and my contract is going to expire soon and I want them to re-hire me? And that I decided that such secrecy was moot? Well, I was planning on talking to my boss this week to tell him that unless I found out about the status of my employment soon I was going to need to start looking for another job. But yesterday he came to my desk and asked me if I wanted to stay. When I told him that I'd be happy to stay if they wanted me to stay, he told me that they do, and he would get the process in Washington started to make sure that I am either hired permanently, or granted a contract extension. So now there are no worries that I'll get pregnant and then have to look for a new job while pregnant. Plus, this is a pretty cushy job for a pregnant woman to have. A lot of sitting, very little stress, and a bathroom just steps away.

There's a Waterfall Inside

Rushing rushing water. Drenched heart, saturated lungs. The plunge into my gut, the pounding, the foam. Whitewater forcibly backwashing into my fingers toes, carving hollows in my joints, forcing itself back into my gut. Waterlogged, heavy, no surcease.


I really want that new live Counting Crows CD.


The best way to get ones skin to clear up is to make an appointment with a dermatologist that one has to wait a month for. By the time you get in there, he'll have nothing to look at.

Posted by Trista @ 9:30 AM

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Yes. Better. I will help you figure out the rest.
Awesome that N is so... awesome. Hopefully you're pg soon.
Julia is a year old tomorrow. Charlie was a year old a week ago tomorrow. It's just not fair. I want an enchilada.
Did Julia get the cruise ship tickets I sent for her birthday?

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 10:36 AM #

N sounds like a wonderful donor! I wish ours hadn't ran on us, but that's another story.

I'm loving reading about all these one-year-olds!! Did you ever think you'd get to this point?

Wahoo on the job!!

BTW, I've got gobs of needleless syringes, if you need to increase your stash.

Posted by Blogger Blondie @ 10:52 AM #

happy EVE to Julia!
N sounds like a dream & a very beautiful man.

VERY excited that your Doc still thinks ovulation is to come this cycle- very, very cool!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 12:49 PM #

Congrats on the job, that's great!!

and happy happy birthday julia!!

Posted by Anonymous amy @ 1:57 PM #

How awesome is it is that you have such a willing and understanding donor! It is hard and exciting at the same time to see your baby grow up. Just be prepared: time warps and they actually grow up faster the older they get. I don't know how it's possible but it happens! Congrats on the stellar-sounding week you are having and here's hoping your ovaries get the message and start producing for you!

Posted by Blogger K. @ 2:05 PM #

1. I'm sooooooo glad you "came out" on your blog
2. Your KD kicks ASS x ten million
3. Happy Birthday to your little bug
4. Congrats on adding job security to your 'things that are going well in your life' list
5. I dig you

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 3:36 PM #

Thanks for the mention Trista! I admit, I had got rather confused as to your methods of monitoring/insems, so I didn't realise that the scan was with your gyn. Glad to hear that she reckons you're still waiting to ovulate though. And your donor N just sounds the absolute best!

Great news on the job security front too.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY JULIA! As ever, can't wait to see more pictures of her cuteness. Hope that she, and you all, have fun!

Posted by Blogger Tamsin @ 4:56 AM #


Posted by Blogger Lauri @ 9:26 AM #

Have you had Clomid related acne? Because I had it so, so badly. Not only on my face but also on my back - huge painful welts with pus in the middle. Ouch! I started using Paulas Choice skin care out of desperation and another girl from work had tried it and it worked for her, and it's cleared up my acne. Woo hoo!

Posted by Blogger mermaidgrrrl @ 9:38 PM #
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